Review moderation abuse

If an addon dev is systematically reporting and removing any negative yet valid review that actually follow the guidelines unless someone report them ‘creatively’, tergiversating what the reviewer means as if it was a bug report when it isn’t, but leaving untouched any review that goes against the guidelines as long as it has 4 or 5 starts, like single word reviews, what are the actions that must be taken to prevent or punish that behavior?

Reviews are deleted by an independent moderation team, so if they are deleted it’s probably because they didn’t follow the policy. The “no bug reports” policy is subjective and can be applied inconsistently, though. We plan to make some changes to the reviewing / rating system in the future to try to mitigate that.

In the interim, I’d suggest reframing and reposting the reviews.

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this is not a good situation. selective enforcement of arbitrary rules is just another word for lawlessness, lest it is not actually despotism.

From my own experience, majority of negative reviews is bug reports and feature requests / blackmail (I will give you 1 star and when you implement this and that, I will give you more stars…, I mean, seriously? What kind of human being are you?).

Bugs can be fixed, features can be implemented. But you should use proper channels for that. Usually there is a support email or Github issues page, so don’t abuse reviews.

Also think about the author - he invested a lot of his time into making a free addon for you and most likely he makes no money at all. So if you give him negative rating, he may not do another one :slight_smile:. (imagine your boss giving you publicly visible negative rating in your company every time you make a mistake or to make you do more work :smiley:)