Review unused categories

(Michael Buluma) #1

Hello everyone

The first policy is Reach out to category “owners” to see if they want to remove/archive
category right away, or if they have a plan for revitalization. With emphasis on owners.


Do we have these owners documented anywhere? I tend to find things but I didn’t :smiley:

@Kensie can we work to document this so that we when we need to contact owners we can quickly pull this up? We could use the same approach as CH. on jira.


Yes, almost all Discourse categories were requested in a bug, so we should
be able to find who filed the request.

(Michael Buluma) #3

Awesome. I’ll dig through the bugs.

(Yousef Alam) #4

This Bugzilla query should get you most of the bugs. (The ones done through the old and new form)

(Michael Buluma) #5

@yousef thanks a lot for this. :smile:

(Leo McArdle) #6