Reviews being removed without actually breaking any rule

I’ve been posting review to an addon that actually destroyed tab data and made it unrecoverable, followed all the rules for posting reviews and still got it quickly removed, while reviews without any description and five stars only kept freely passing.

How can one now trust extensions that have that “Recommended” badge when they can actually break data and reviews that are unfavorable won’t be allowed?


That would depend …

  • If an addon is acting maliciously by intentionally doing something that is not meant to do, then the addon should be reported. A review would not be the right place for that.
  • If an addon is unintentionally doing something that is not meant to do, then it is a bug and should be reported to the developer via their support site.
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If there appears to be a bug, and if you report the bug, please link to your report.

Thank you

The report is linked in the topic post.