Rise25: Come nominate the l10n champions of tomorrow

Hello localizers,

You may have heard about the recent Mozilla Rise25 initiative, launched this year as Mozilla turns 25 years old.

It is a call to action to all game-changers. We’re looking for the next 25 rising stars shaping the future of the internet for the better. The categories are: activists, builders, artists, creators and advocates.

Localization is of course part of this. You can nominate your fellow localizer that you know is making a strong and impactful change to the future, and keeping the internet open and accessible to all.

You can do so by voting for them under the Builders category here.

Localization is such an important part and reflection of the Mozilla Mission - let’s recognize the invaluable work being done by extraordinary individuals across the globe. The people making a difference in your local or online communities, the people on the ground doing something amazing for the web. This is your time to shine :star2:

And of course, feel free to spread the word.

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