Running a Prebuilt LJSpeech Model via

I’m just trying to test a prebuilt LJSpeech model [Tacotron-iter-170K] shared in the page:

and directly using the commit version of the project itself:

In order to make a 1-to-1 comparison, I have trained a model with LJSpeech database and obtained a model. However, because the commit date is too old (about 2 years) and the project of the related date is missing some classes and codes for the demo, I could not test this model properly.

I wonder if there is a separate branch containing server scripts and conda environment files (yml) for running and testing these old models.

However, if there is anyone who have trained a model via LJSpeech database with a new project commit, I would be very glad to receive it to make a comparison.

Best Regards.