S3.Translator is no longer at AMO. Neither is it blocked, so hopefully it’s OK to share this:


  1. Discontinued Chrome Store Foxified 2.4 at https://github.com/Noitidart/Chrome-Store-Foxified/releases or 3.4 in the Internet Archive Wayback Machine
  2. S3.Translator - Chrome Web Store 6.25
  3. home-built Waterfox Classic 2019.10 (20191103135811) on FreeBSD-CURRENT.


Do not enable instant upload; do not upload to AMO.

Now, let’s try ingredients 1 and 2 with a build of Firefox Quantum that can accept unsigned extensions …

Firefox 70.0.1 (20191031162409), FreeBSD-CURRENT

… success:

Waterfox Current 2019.10



  1. save to disk
  2. use Add-ons Manager to install what was saved.

Chrome Store Foxified can convert a CRX to a signed XPI? Wow…

Hmm. Honestly, it didn’t occur to me, I have not tried – bear in mind the discontinuation, and so on. In the past I was a careless user, guilty of inadvertently uploading things to AMO that were never intended for AMO – NB the essential advice above. Those things were toys for my personal use, never for distribution (although I did, just once, have an afterthought that something ‘up there’ could have been useful to someone else).

In this unusual case, I should probably advise:

  • Chrome Store Foxified must not be used to sign a product of this particular conversion.

This advice might frustrate users in environments where signed extensions are a must (where unstable platforms are disallowed) but the intention is not to frustrate.

Bottom line, without going into detail: I’d like to avoid any overflow of a storm in a teacup … I hope that you (and others) can understand …


It’s pretty simple, it changes the file ending (or maybe extracts and re-zips, still not a lot of work), uploads it to the AMO signing API and then downloads it. That’s all there is behind the conversion.

Are you sure?

I mean, conversion occurs without an upload.

The extension in this case should not, probably must not be uploaded.