Screenshots status: June 1, 2018

Screenshots status 6/1/2018:

  • Wil will be out on PAT leave mid-June through end of July; the team is planning for that.

  • Discussions have started about refactoring our sprint processes/ceremonies.

  • Ian is prepping for his presentation at the upcoming All Hands.

  • Barry and Punam are working on new Annotations tools, look for those soon!

  • New version of Screenshots was released this week.

  • Work continues on the Screenshots Admin interface.

  • Jared is working on an Android mobile app in his free time.

  • Still working on regression: Screenshots no longer work on PDFs.

  • Interesting statistics:

  • 58% of users who start annotating their shots save the changes. 22% cancel their changes.

  • Users who download their shots continue to retain about 4-5% higher than people who upload (~7.5% vs ~11.5%).