Seeking your feedback on Mozilla’s Project Things

(Ben Francis) #1

Hi, thank you for being one of the first to adopt, use, and participate in Mozilla’s Project Things!

If you have 5-10 minutes, we would appreciate your feedback to help us improve the project for you. This is our first time reaching out to everyone who’s using the Things Gateway software, so your feedback will be really valuable. You can take the survey here.

Because Mozilla respects user privacy, we don’t automatically collect detailed usage data. But we would like to know what you like or dislike, how often you use your gateway, what are your favorite features, and other key metrics that will help us improve the project. Thus, your candid feedback can help us achieve our shared vision for a decentralized, private, secure, and interoperable Web of Things (WoT).

Thank you for being part of our community,

Mozilla Project Things Team

(jyvben) #2

Both links no longer work …

(Ben Francis) #3

Hi @ jyvben,

Yes that’s correct, this study has now ended. But we’re always open to your feedback!

(Peter-Mobilestack) #4

My suggestion is to improve documentation of basic architecture and “mapping” with W3C architecture. A better understanding of alignment of Mozilla IoT with W3C standard will help in development of “inter-operable” solution which is badly needed in IoT work.

(Lg Lindstrom) #5

I actually second that. Documentation is not the best :slight_smile: