Send us photos of your Things Gateway in action!

Here are some of the gateways we’ve seen so far

Feel free to reply to that tweet with a photo of your gateway :slight_smile:

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Here is my current IoT rig:

If you want to replicate, here are some hints:

For the sensors part check instructions at:

For the rest I will explain it a bit more soon track me:

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Nice work, RzR. Fun to see the variety of things and technology you pull together. Will be nice to see your I2C sensors shown with a more specific icon (plus status and numeric value if applicable) on the Mozilla Things Gateway GUI – that flexibility is a UI update we are planning for the future. You’ve shown the value from your own custom GUI where you identified what you wanted to see.

We can also discuss GUI updates here:

Let me crosslink to:

Would a wiki page of feedback from gateway users help in term of marketing ?

Extra bit:

Feedback welcome:

A prototype:

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Just a standard plastic case has to do for now.
However, when looking at previously posted cases, I want to put some Mozilla/Fox-related stickers on it.