Selection process round 2

Hi all,

As all of you know, the selection process for the Global Gatherings ended on September 11th. From the Participation team we want to work on a second chance or a second selection process, since we still have some seats for the Leadership Summit in Singapore (next January).

So we are creating a document to discuss and analyze a possible new approach for a second round for the selection process.

The doc is here (only comment access): Google Doc

If you need more information about the Global Gatherings, don’t forget to visit our Wiki page.



The doc doesn’t show up for me. Could you also paste the link, so it’s not only embedded?

Sorry, don’t know it doesn’t showed the link before… hope now works

Thanks for providing a second chance.
looking forward for the 2nd round of selection process.
hope to join the Leadership summit :slight_smile:

This is really awesome and great to providing a second chance.
Hope to join the Leadership Summit :blush:

The Doc is still inaccessible to me

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Surit Aryal
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2015-10-30 1:13 GMT+05:45 Mijanur Rayhan Rayhan <>:

Hi @surit,

Check the link again, it should work. Which message returns you?

Hello all,

Here’s the process that we’ve decided on. To be very transparent, Francisco and Rosana have been integral in giving feedback to this process, and I was accountable for the final decision on how we would do this.

We have a small committee of staff from the Participation Team who will be making final decisions on this second round of selection. While this will largely be a team decision, you can ultimately hold me accountable for those decisions.




The following option says:
The process is open to all the Mozillians who applied already in the first round, but haven’t been selected for any event.

Since I’ve been selected for Orlando Work Week, I wonder why I received an email about 2nd round application process.
Is that because I’ve applied for Leadership Summit?
Is that means that I have the opportunity to be selected for Leadership Summit?


Hi @apoli,

The reason that you’ve received the email is because:
a) You haven’t applied for the Leadership Summit, but applied for the other events in Global Gatherings (i.e.: Mozfest and/or All Hands)
b) You’ve applied for the Leadership Summit, but you weren’t selected.

And yes, you can have the opportunity to apply to the Leadership Summit in Singapore.

Let me know if this clarify your inquiry.


Great! Now it’s clear.
Thanks @franc !

I’ve created a FAQ for this second round:

Feel free to include more questions if you have it.


Would I receive email confirmation after the registration?

Nope, but we will inform you next week whether you’ve been accepted or not.

I think google doesn’t have an automated reply to confirm that you fill the form… but if you click on the submit button, you are all done :wink:

Scripts can be written to generate an automated reply upon form submission- let me know if any further help is needed in this regard. :wink:

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