Self-hosted WebExt extension has no "update_url" and "id" in manifest.json file

(Oleg) #1

We had an old self-hosted extension in a XUL format, that was updated using “updateURL” and “Id” in install.rdf file.
Then we published new WebExt extension, but without “id” and “update_url” in the manifest file.
Is there a way to update this version now?

(erosman) #2

AFAIK, since each update needs to be signed in order to work, even if there is an update URL, it would not be useful since even if the addon is updated with that URL, it wont run.

(Oleg) #3

New WebExt addon has been signed and used for updating. It contains META-INF folder with signature files. Currently users have this WebExt addon installed, but it has no id and update_url in its manifest file. So it has no ways to track new updates now. Can it still be updated?

(erosman) #4

AFAIK, there is no automatic system.@jorgev knows more about it.

(Jorge) #5

Add-ons with no update_url can only be updated in a couple of ways:

  • Manually by the user installing a new version.
  • Via an application installer. Many self-hosted add-ons are installed by an application, so an application update can also update the add-on.
  • Via AMO. Add-ons with no update_url check AMO for updates, so you can submit a new listed version that will be delivered to those users. However, that would be the only way to update those users, and you would effectively have a listed AMO add-on after that.