shimeji like Firefox Web extension need help!

Hello all,

I also want to contribute Mozilla community.

I have an idea of creating browser extension but didn’t have experience knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript.

My browser extension work like shimeji extension for chrome but i can’t find it source and also find one on:- but don’t know much java to understand & write code.

So I am asking for your help on how can i implement my idea, means what api or example code should use for overlays image object on screen. I see some popup implementation but it remain join with extension menu button.

I see some but not able to find similarity in my idea.

My initial effort is here

please provide little guidance!

Thank You,

The .crx file of a Chrome extension is similar to the .xpi file of a Firefox extension. If you “unzip” the file into a folder, you can inspect its contents.

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Thank you very much Sir for you the suggestion.
shimeji .crx unzip files is a little complex .class code for me to de-compile and understand that I can rewrite individually and I started few days before.

Please suggest a solution in JavaScript or HTML if something is possible. I saw some API but didn’t find the correct one.

I want this extension extension as simple as possible so can make a pull request to web-extensions-examples repository.

In case anyone is interested, or wants to look at the code for reference, I just built a shimeji extension for firefox.

Here’s the link :

It has a few characters to choose from and I implemented some interesting virtual physics.

/ where is it now? the extension.