Should single quotes only be used for apostrophes?

The following sentences would appear to be almost identical:

“Look out!” cried Jane.
‘Look out!’ cried Jane.

But once imported via DeepSpeech’s CV2 import script would appear as the following:

look out cried jane
‘look out’ cried jane

This is because the apostrophe is part of the alphabet in English.

Is this a problem for DeepSpeech? Should we ban single quotes for anything other than apostrophes?

cc @kdavis

P.S. I know what I typed above weren’t proper ASCII apostrophes but my phone won’t let me type them.

Generally it’s not a problem, but it might be for certain applications.

For example, if one wanted Deep Speech to be able to capture the intonation changes that happen when one “air quotes” and have the resulting quotes in the transcript, then it’s a problem.

However, the released model is in some sense “generic” and tries not to favor any one use case.