Should we highlight inline code?

(Stephanie Hobson) #1

GitHub and Stackoverflow and Discourse all put a background colour on their inline code.

Do you have thoughts about us doing that on MDN?

Here’s an example of how it might look:


(erosman) #2

There is a conflict between code and linked code which affects how aesthetically pleasing it appears :wink:

I think the inline code (not linked) could do with different colour, for example a very pale yellow/cream.

While I am a fan of minimalism, IMHO, a little colour can increase aesthetic interest.

(Chris Mills) #3

I appreciate the concern here, but I guess it just requires a bit of design consideration. I also really like highlighted code in body text — I think it looks nice, and it can also help make code terms more clearly seen.


Yes, I think we should. I have wanted this before, and I like the way the other sites you mention handle this. Thanks for thinking of it.

(Sphinx Knight) #5

This would definitely enhance the legibility: +1 for me :slight_smile:

(Shi) #6

I think this would be a nice thing to add.
Just a very light background, like you did in the picture would look good and make the code stand out just a little bit to make it better readable.
It makes bigger textblocks a bit more interesting for the eye. :slight_smile:

(Eric Shepherd) #7

Never. Never never never. When sites do this, the only words my eyes can read are the ones with the background shifted on them. Since we added this, I can’t read MDN at all. I’ve never understood why anyone finds this readable or helpful in any way.

This isn’t even hyperbole. I outright can’t read MDN now that we’ve done this. My eyes are not able to focus on the words that aren’t highlighted (and yes, even though it’s a light gray, it’s still a highlight to my eyes and brain). This is why I always bought new textbooks in college – to be sure there were no highlighted bits that would make pages unreadable. Cost a fortune but saved my grades, most likely.

It makes work very challenging when I can’t read the content I’m supposed to be working on updating… :frowning:


(Shi) #8

Maybe try it still a bit lighter. I see you matched the background-color to the one used in the code-boxes, what I would have done as a first, too.
I think in the textflow it is a bit too dark, especially in the yellow boxes it looks a bit off.
I think we must still find the best color for this, also I personally like it.
Only in the yellow boxes it really does not go well.

(Eric Shepherd) #9

So… I’m gradually getting more used to seeing this. I still don’t like it, per se, but I’m getting used to it. That said, I do have some remaining suggestions:

  • I still feel that the grey should be a little bit lighter. Just a little.
  • Actually, what I really think is that the grey should be the same, but with an alpha of 0.75 or so. This would both lighten it up a bit and would let it fit in better when <code> is used inside a note or warning box, by letting the grey take on a touch of the background hue.

I still may in the end use Stylish to remove the background color entirely, since it’s still distracting me unnecessarily, but I want to give it a fair shake first, and see if we can make some final adjustments that may let me grow to not mind it so much.

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