Simple add-ons I want back

(Honest Zach) #1

EscapeThemGIFS (to freeze animations), Menu Wizard, deskCut (to send URL link to my desktop), UnMHT (to save webpage as a single file), YesScript

(Caitlin Neiman) #2

Unfortunately, some of these extensions are skirting the edge of what is possible with the WebExtensions API. :confused:

For YesScript – try YesScript 2:

I’ll keep looking for an alternative to EscapeThemGIFS. Hopefully we’ll have an option for you soon.

(Honest Zach) #3

Caitlin, wow, very helpful, and gives me hope that there will eventually be other alternatives and options on every issue one might have. Re deskCut, noticed today a convenient work around is dragging the site’s favicon from the address bar to my desktop. Thank you so much!

(Nigel P Brown) #4

I just want my many, many Quickfox Notes back.

(isidoco) #5

I want Classic Theme Restorer back, I don’t like minimalistic functionality and appearance, I would use Chrome otherwise. I like Tabs on the bottom.

(Isebas Foreberath) #6

I want Scroll Tab Wheel back. Really surprised me that this add-on disappeared when it updated to Quantum. I usually have a bunch of tabs open and it is convenient to be able to scroll through them. Clicked “Find a replacement” and didn’t find anything.

(Lou Hen) #7

I want AddThis. I can’t seem to find any replacement


Yeah, I would like mouse wheel tab scrolling functionality back too.

(erosman) #9

Upon request, I have added a Desktop shortcut function to FoxyTab in the next update.
more info:

Not possible in Firefox Quantum/WebExtension API

(Zstoja) #10

I do not use Quantum only because I do not have deskcut and similar adds-on.

To drag from firefox to desktop? It means no maximize Firefox. Dumb people designed Quantum.