Snooze Tabs and XMarks fail

Hi, I installed SnoozeTabs at approx 10.30 a.m. yesterday and started using it. Later on I attempted to sync bookmarks with xmarks, which I’ve been using for years and had last run successfully at 9.34 a.m., and it hung.

The culprit may have been one of the snoozed tabs rather than the add-on (adminer seemes a likely contender from the log) however even after deleting firstly the page, then uninstalling snooze tabs I still couldn’t get xmarks to sync/upload or do anything!

I found that I couldn’t delete the last remaining page from snoozed tabs (using either manage snoozed tabs or bookmark manager) nor could I delete the snoozed tabs folder.

In the end I had to restore a backup and start over, and I don’t think I’ll try snoozed tabs again for a while even tho’ I think the concept is brilliant (see for suggestions for improvement!)