Snooze Tabs v1.0.15 released!

It’s been about 3 weeks since we launched, so we’re overdue for a new release! There’ve been lots of tweaks big & small, and you can see the exhaustive list over here on GitHub.

In short, we’ve been working on performance & user interface improvements:

  • Incremental improvements to making the popup more responsive when the button is clicked. More work to be done here, but it shouldn’t have a long delay before appearing.

  • Refinements to styling so that the Snooze Tabs button works better on the toolbar or when moved into the menu sidebar. Also, trying to improve sizing logic so flickering issues go away.

  • Lots & lots of work by localizers to get Snooze Tabs ready in more languages & locales. We’ve got some more work to do before we’re ready to officially release in more locales—calendar widgets are hard—but you might notice some things translated if your first language of choice is not English.

  • And finally, there’s handful of other small things that improve the development process.

Thank you for participating in the Snooze Tabs experiment! And thank you for participating in these forums. Your input & feedback are the reasons why we’re here!