Standard domain for Mozilla Thunderbird users like

Dear Mozilla Thunderbird,
I’d like to adopt also a recognizable emailaddress without interference of Google or Microsoft or any big company. So, next to use your software also have a email address which is out of their hands. You can choose totally your own, a lot of degrees of freedom. Too much. I’d like to have a recognizable domain as part of my mail address like or or something a like.

Does a general domain asociated with Mozilla Thunderbird exist?
Do you (as reader) think this is a wanted feature?
What is your suggestion for a general domain?
my proposal

kind regards,

Moving to Thunderbird.

Note from conversations in the past: is reserved for internal use, and in fact Mozilla employees use email. I don’t expect Mozilla giving email addresses to users at this point.

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Thunderbird is an email client. Neither Mozilla nor Thunderbird are email providers. Therefore your proposal isn’t going to happen.