Starting May 8: Test Pilot & Experiment dev meeting

(Jared Hirsch) #1

TL;DR: Biweekly meeting for experiment devs, starting next Monday, 5/8, at 9:30am Pacific. Experiment devs, please attend :slight_smile:

Hey all,

Until now, while we’ve had many experiments active in Test Pilot, we haven’t had a good place for the Test Pilot team and experiment teams to get together. It hasn’t IMO felt like much of a developer community.

So, starting next Monday, May 8th, I’ve added a biweekly 30 minute dev meeting to the Test Pilot public calendar, and I’ve invited folks from each of the experiment teams. I’m hoping we can share questions, solutions, and general development and community updates.

Learn more:

Learn even more: I recently circulated a proposal doc (publicly viewable) that contains some additional details about what I hope we can cover in these meetings.

This meeting is open to the public; dial-in instructions are on the linked wiki page. The meeting notes will be posted here and on the wiki.

Feedback is very welcome :slight_smile: