Statistics about Reps Path Responses

Hi everyone

Until June 1st we ran the Reps Path Survey. Now I would like to share some statistics about the responses.

General Statistics about the Reps Program (taken on June 1st)

On June 1st we had 373 Reps enrolled in the Reps Program. 56 of these Reps also took on the Mentor role in the past. This means 15% of all Reps were also Mentors. These numbers have changed slightly due to the moving to Alumni, you can find the KPI Dashboard for the current number of Reps.

Responses over time

Now, let’s talk about the survey itself. We started the survey on May 11th and it was open until June 1st. Most responses were given, when we sent out reminders (at the beginning, reminders in the middle, and individual outreach towards the end of the deadline).

(Note, some show up as 2nd of June, I was too lazy to map those to UTC).

Who responded?

In total 296 Reps (79.4%) responded to the form. This means that 77 Reps didn’t respond and therefore have been moved to Alumni. All of these Reps are welcome to come back to the Program once the have time for it again.

Looking only at our 56 mentors we had on June1st, 40 mentors responded.

What were the responses?

As already discussed above, 20.6% (77) didn’t respond to the survey. Another 3.8% (14) responded with “I have no time to contribute anymore”. For these 14 the same applies as for those who haven’t responded to the survey in terms of being moved to Alumni.

Looking only at the Reps who either responded with “I’m a Mobilizer” or “I’m a Functional Doer”, 76.2% (215) responded with “I’m a Mobilizer”. 67 responded with “Functional Doer”.

Are there any other statistics you would be interested in? Feel free to say so here and I can see what I can do :slight_smile:



Very interesting metrics,
what about a little more insight about the the rest of questions that were asked…? :slight_smile:

For this survey we only had this question.

Oh funny, Ok I guess I confused the survey…
What would happen to the 'Mentors" that failed to respond, are they moved back to Reps or Alumni…?

Mentors who failed to respond were move to Alumni as well (same treatment for everybody). Mentees of those are orphaned right now. We will reassign those in the future.

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Ok good to know.


¡Hola “Mexikohler”!

Could we see the TLDs of where we operate, please?


This is excellent. Maybe it can be used for the internal research in the Open Innovation Strategy project. I will ping Rina and copy you.

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Sure, but please note that this is untested and could have an error in it. On June 1st, we had Reps in 78 countries. From 11 countries, the Rep(s) didn’t respond to the form. This leaves us with 67 countries. You can find the list of these 67 countries here:

Hey Michael,
What was the overall goal of this survey? Is it just to find the active reps and analyze how many of them are functional does or mobilizers ? Or is there anything else you found out from this survey?

Can we have absolute numbers in addition to the percentages? Overall the Reps program has quite a solid number of contributors!

Best regards,
Reps Peer

Yes, as this was the only question, that’s all we found out. The rest of the stats are based on the normal numbers we can get from the portal anyway.

Agreed, I will do this tonight in the initial post and report back here once done.

Absolute numbers are added where they were missing.

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Thank you very much, @mkohler. What a lightning fast response!

Thank you @mkohler interesting to know about this survey.

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