[Action needed] Reps Path

[TL;DR] We want to understand your interests and the path you’d like to follow inside Mozilla. Please fill out the following form indicating your interest by June the 1st.

Back in February we posted a blogpost explaining how Reps are taking on a Mobilizer role inside the Mozilla community, and asked for your feedback. Now we want to understand how many of our current Reps want to be mobilizers and how many would rather focus on contributing directly to a functional area. In order to better understand your feelings we are sending around a survey with the following questions (don’t worry there are no wrong answers!):

How would you describe your current focus as a Rep?

Read below for details

  • I am a Mobilizer

  • I am a functional-doer

  • I have no time to contribute anymore

  • By being a mobilizer you want to build and support healthy communities and connections that will serve Mozilla’s goals as well as specific functional team goals.

  • By being a functional-doer you want to contribute and provide value solely to a functional area without being involved on building the community around it. For example you only want to contribute on localization by localizing strings for Firefox

  • By replying you have no time to contribute anymore to the Reps program you will be transitioned to alumni and receive a certification for your time being a Rep.

Understanding what Reps want to do is crucial for the future of the program. So please fill the form before June the 1st. If you don’t do so we will consider that you’re not interested in continuing being a Rep, thus we will transition you to the Alumni group. This is not permanent, you can come back from Alumni through filing a new application and stating that you had been a Rep before.

Remember, there is no right or wrong answer on this. This is so we can map the interests of our Reps.

Do you have any questions? Let us know on comments :slight_smile:


I think there can be a Both option for super active Reps who are contributing as well as mobilizing community members. For instance, they can be contributing in RUST or Web VR but are mobilizing community members for other stable areas such as QA, localization, etc.

Plus, it would also be helpful if we could choose from a list of areas to share which areas we are contributing in and which areas we are mobilizing for.

Just my 2 cents… :slight_smile:


I love the idea to know about our roles.

But at same time where we Reps love to spend our contribution should be known. So may be after this survey when we get the list of people we can ask which functional area they contribute and if it aligns more with Mozilla we can have more investment there.

Hey Muhammed,
yes you’re right a lot of us do both of them (and if you ask me this is perfect). But this form tries to map where you spend most of your time and where you want to invest most of your time in the future.

Also about the areas yes we considered it but we wanted to keep the form as simple as possible. For us the main objective of this form is to understand what is the main interest of our Reps and decide where the program should move forward to.

Yes totally,
and this will be step 2 after this form :slight_smile:

I think the question is regarding of what you think you do the most.
Mobilize others or just contributing yourself, of course you can do both, but you may feel that in the end you do more from one than the other.


I couldn’t have said it better. This is exactly what it is :slight_smile:

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Hi @couci,

I love this initiative because it brings the result and the impact of the discussions throughout the process of Reps Next, and still now makes it clear to the whole team that the program is taking this format and that everyone should choose what to do from now on.

The three options are perfect because it contemplates the role that many representatives are doing and allows the program to understand and work to ensure that Reps have resources (like training) and do a highly impacting work.

It’s time for inactive Reps to look for the opportunities in the program and so many projects within Mozilla and do their incredible work alongside the program — and those representatives who no longer have time to work with the program now, be moved to alumni and return when possible.

Hi @couci @mkohler,

I have an idea, after this survey can we have a option in the reps profile mentioning that the particular rep is a mobilizer or a functional - doer so that it helps others to know better about the rep and can reach out for help if necessary.

We will do that, not sure if on the portal or somehow else. Thanks for the input!

There should be another option, as sometimes Reps have to live up to their local needs and adapt.

We Reps sometimes have to live up to our communities and country culture, development and needs. _Reps should be also give the option to support their local communities needs and interests of course supported by Mozilla. etc.
How can we focus on digital rights when majority of people here in Ecuador do not even own a smartphone or have internet access. I am talking about the largest part of the population, but is not there where Mozilla wants to reach out…?
So Reps should be also given the chance to work on their local Projects based on Mozilla’s vision and mission.
When You Rep you are an advocate to the people in your Community, it is Ok to pursie global goals but let’s not forget about the PEOPLE and the Reps living among them!

Hey Dave,
yes you’re right and what you’re describing is a mobilizer’s role, as it is mentioned on the blog: “supporting their local communities and the rest of the organization to reach their goals and be more effective”

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I felt that both conveyed my own personal goals so it was a coin toss

Hi @couci Yes I guess that is correct, I marked that option. Still my feeling is that we Reps should work more locally focused than globally, of course both objectives matter but Mozilla global goals are not always perfectly aligned to small communities needs and reality, etc.

Can you open a new topic about this? I’m really interested in knowing more about this view, I personally feel it’s key to have a strong alignment between Mozilla’s goals and local communities goals. We need to talk about this.

Thank you all for participating on the conversations here and filled the form.

The form is now closed and whoever has not replied or has replied “I have no time to contribute any more” will be moved to alumni and receive a certificate.

Hello Ruben,

Sure thing, sounds good. Will look for a category here that fits the topic, start a thread and let you know.



Hello, here; https://discourse.mozilla-community.org/t/how-to-align-mozilla-global-goals-with-small-communities-its-needs-reality/16053