Strategy on converting people to Nightly users

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Unfortunately, I had to stop using Nightly as my main browser because I kept on running into a particular bug in almost every browser session, requiring either contortions, or adding a legacy extension as a work-around, or launching another browser. :frowning:

Edited on 14-Jul-2017 to add the following:

While there is no indication on the bug report that any work was done, I am now viewing mixed display content, so I am back on Nightly.

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Have you filed a bug?

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nevermind, not enough coffee this morning, I missed the link to your bug :slight_smile:

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What will help here is the new Activate Mozilla activity we just launched:


Might be interesting to ask the other way around: “What stops you from approaching people to use Nightly? What’s your no 1 reason?”

Hmm, you’re not asking and I really do not want to derail this thread, but I think it is connected… I’d propose Nightly to many of my fellow developers but the number one show stopper is that you cannot easily switch between Nightly and Firefox. Most people would be willing to give a quick try (and some might stick) but it is rare that interested people have a full commitment at the beginning.

And the steps at are just so much more like “hey, do the step-by-step-setup” instead of just saying “hey, give Nightly a try”

Relevant reports

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DevEdition has a separate profile by default. It would be cool for Nightly to have one also.

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Maybe a good place to post this thread is on the Mozilla Clubs Facebook Group, to get involvement form the Club Captains.

Sorry let me clarify, I mean to say that other potential users can be found within other communities or Mozilla itself.

As an example I talk more about Firefox and other browsers with my friends and family in person over discussing them on a forum. Initially though I learn about it from a thread such as this one or another online source. I get the most success in communicating any ideas and projects by attending events and talking with people I get introduced to from a friend. It’s always amazing to me that people usually know about Firefox but don’t know about the other projects and products from Mozilla.

Local places or places where you can reach them are good sources of potential Nightly Users, word to mouth and other communication methods go around an area and eventually reach the right people.

~ Steve

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I may sound pretty naive. But we do we even want people to start using nightly at the first place? Why do we want normal users to switch from release channel again?

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I don’t know where you get the idea that we want people on the release channel to move to nightly, we don’t :slight_smile:

We want the more technical crowd to use Nightly and that doesn’t mean they are Firefox users at all.

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Here in the very first post I got that idea.

(Pascal) #18

So I am going to be very clear about it.

We don’t want to have normal end-users on Nightly, this is alpha software, we want people confortable with this.

The power users that would use Release and want to help Mozilla by becoming contributors to the Mozilla project are welcome. We want the tech-savvy crowd that love Mozilla, we want the people that love to test alpha software and are curious about our November release, we want the people that can report actionable bugs to our developers :slight_smile:

Also, the people we want on Nightly don’t have to be Firefox users at all, they can be Chrome users for example.


I think it might be also worth looking at how other projects do it, e.g. VS Code and their Insiders build. Number 1 reason: Trying out new (one has been waiting for) features. This also holds true for Firefox with Quantum and Photon. It’s exciting times(!). I guess everybody who has just once tried Servo might as well be willing to try Nightly… And I guess many such arguments are following, e.g. autofill

I guess the techsavvy blogs like “These weeks in Firefox” or the make good previews about upcoming features…

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I think it’s unfair to ask people to switch from Stable to Nightly since I didn’t do the switch either. I switched from Stable to DevEdition since DevEdition had e10s, better branding than Beta or stable and I was not afraid it would break during a presentation. After a few months of DevEdition I decided to switch to NIghtly since there were all sorts of news with Nightly specific stuff (now Stylo and Photon are two good reasons to try out NIghlty).

I usually tell people to try DevEdition. After a few months I ask them how it went. If they tell me it is rock solid then I tell them I have a stronger drug if they want a bigger rush: Nightly :smiley:

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We need people that give us and to Mozilla qualitative information like join the community (also on nightly channels) and also on comments and create tickets.

Move people from stable to Nightly that are not skilled or don’t have times will be a problem because they will say, there is a bug on Firefox (without check that is an alpha software the nightly) I switch on chrom* that is better. We don’t want this :slight_smile:

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I tend to recommend non-stable channels to people who have in idea on how this stuff works.

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Apparently asking them on Twitter works :slight_smile:

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Here is my new package with simple Nightly installer for current Debian:

I hope it save some time.

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Thank you!

How often does it get updates?

Does it work on Ubuntu?

(Vítězslav Vitex Dvořák) #26


it only download archive, unpack it and create system menu item.

You do not need update the deb package. I want use the internal FirefoxNightly update mechanism. This is not done yet, but it is only problem of permissions.

Teh package is not yet tested under ubuntu. I do it later.

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andrei Andrei Petcu
September 14
Thank you!

How often does it get updates?

Does it work on Ubuntu?

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vitexus Vítězslav Vitex Dvořák
September 14
Hallo, Here is my new package with simple Nightly installer for current Debian: I hope it save some time.

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Yes Current version 1.0.3 on Zetsy