Submit WiFi location data?

Hi there,

I was wondering if these days there is any means to submit the WiFi location data to MLS?
I used to do it with Mozilla Stumbler app on Android 9, but as I understand it’s going to stop working after upgrade to 10 or 11 (that I’m going to do soon).

For submitting cell tower data, the Tower Collector app does pretty good job, but it cannot handle WiFi APs and not sure if the developer is interested to add that.

It would be pity to lose this opportunity.

Any other solutions out there? Or any plans/hopes for some to appear?

Hi Som,

You have listed all the collection options that I know about. New applications would be useful, that use the geosubmit API to add WiFi data with GPS locations to MLS. I do not expect Mozilla to write one this year.

Thank you John!

Well, looking at the API description has just broken another hope of mine - I am collecting the local WiFi geolocation database with LocalWifiNlpBackend on Android, and my idea was that it might be possible to upload these data to Mozilla by hand. But it seems that a single report should have two WiFi APs, and more data are actually needed in the reports than just Lat/Lon+BSSID combinations (which are stored by LocalWiFiNlpBackend)…

OK, I’ll keep submitting the cell data with Tower Collector, and hope that you in Mozilla or somebody else will write an application for WiFi APs some day.

I agree, the LocalWifiNlpBackend database export would be challenging to feed to MLS, which is expecting an observation of all the visible WiFi APs. The backend, and the newer DejaVu engine, have almost all the features needed for a stumbler however, passively monitoring APs and related locations when GPS is available. Maybe a way forward is to add a submission API to MicroG, so that users that sometimes have GPS can more easily contribute back to the online services they use, while still using the best available backends for their own geolocation needs.