Submitting a signed/self add-on to AMO

[I don’t know if I’m using the right terms.] I developed a new add-on as

a signed add-on, versions appear on Developer Hub, etc. Now I’m ready

to submit it to AMO to make it available to the world. But it appears I can’t

just click a button to submit to AMO ? I have to start from the beginning

as if it was a new add-on ?

Did I make a mistake by choosing “signed”

in the first place ? I just wanted to be able to “install add-on from file”

while testing, and to do that it had to be signed. It wasn’t working yet, so

I didn’t choose “AMO”. Did I paint myself

into a corner ? Is there any way to change from “self-distributed” to

“submit to AMO” ? I didn’t realize that signing it with “web-ext sign --api-key=…”

meant I was never going to be able to submit it to AMO. Help, please !

When you submit a new version on the website, the top of the first page in the submission flow is labeled “Where to Host”. You should see a button or link there that allows you to change the setting to hosted on the site. You can change that setting every time you submit, depending on what you need.

Thanks very much, that worked !