Change to AMO instead of self hosted

Hey there. Apologies if the topic has been covered and I’m not seeing it in my search.

I have an add-on that I created last year. It was originally only for internal use, so I chose to “self host” the add-on. Now the projects that the add-on are used for have grown and I would like to make the add-on available to a much larger audience. I have look extensively and can not find how to publish my add-on through AMO. I realize that I could upload a “new add-on”, but that seems like bad practice.

What is the best practice to change my add-on to AMO hosting?

The way to add a listed version would be to upload a new version and chose it to be listed on AMO in the very first step under " Where to Host Version". You will then likely have to provide additional information to complete the listing following the version submission in order for the listing to be visible to the public.