Suggestion: Enrich the tab filter by merging original search bar

Hey guys! I joined the community just now because I have a suggestion about the Tab Center. I was a user of Tree Style Tabs(TST) before I superseded it by Tab Center. I love both addons!

When I used the TST, I will drag the search bar to the leftest position of tabs-toolbar. And the result is that there will be a search bar above all the tabs. After I turned to Tab Center, I felt very excited because the tab filter looks like my search bar in TST. But later, I found it not as customizable as TST because it is only a filter, which is not useful enough for me.

I suggest the search bar of Tab Center to be more versatile. Currently, it can only work as a filter for tabs. I hope I will be able to merge the functionality of the original search bar with the new tab filter in Tab Center.

P.S. I don’t think an omnibar/Universal Search will solve this problem, because the original search bar can change engines easily.

Last but not the least, the tab searching functionality is already included by the main address bar. So, while natural and simple, the tab filtering function itself is in a sense superfluous. Move the original bar to the tab center will make the Tab Center more powerful without additional space. As a result, the space for original search bar will be available for other addons.

Thank you for your time!

Can you explain a little more about what extra features you would want? Like, what are you trying to do that filtering doesn’t cover? Thanks! :slight_smile:

As a tab filter, I think it is already perfect. But I don’t need an extra tab filter…:sweat_smile: It might be useful for other users. So the title might be not appropriate because I found I just want to replace the tab filter with search bar.

By original search bar, I mean

Maybe it took too much space…

Maybe you can provide more customization about the buttons/tools in Tab Center. For example, as triple click(I think double click will be better…) in the space of Tab Center will open a new tab, some user might want to replace the “new tab” button by whatever they like. Currently, you can do nothing about the Tab Center.

Tab Center is intended to be an experiment on how we could change the way people interact with tabs. It’s not really intended to be customizable, or a production-ready add-on. But having said that, I’m definitely interested in the opinions and ideas of people who use it, so thank you very much for those! :slight_smile: