[Suggestion] Mozilla Reps Summit 2022?

Halo, everyone! How are you doing?

While I was doing MozillaPH-related stuff this weekend and after meeting with fellow Mozilla Reps from the Southeast Asian region earlier this week, I wondered when was the last time we Reps had a major gathering aside from the weekly online meetings?

Previously, there was the Mozilla Summit, and certain portions of the by-invitation gathering are dedicated to Mozilla Reps meetings.

Perhaps if we can have a multi-day or weekend online gathering soon with the following activities to put all of us back on the same page:

  • If we can have Mitchell, Mark, or anyone from the Mozilla leadership talk about the organization’s direction and what they envision to be the role of the Reps program in it? Maybe we can have a Q&A with them, as not all of us are privileged to be part of the Internal Meetings.
  • If we can have technical training sessions from the Firefox Engineering team and other projects on what to expect in future releases of our browser, etc., and how we can engage our respective local communities for its development and promotion?
  • If we can have some sort of a Mozilla Reps 101 (refresher course)? For me, I see the need to renew our commitment to being a Mozilla Rep, and part of it is to be up-to-date with the latest SOPs and happenings within the organization.

Perhaps, having this kind of online gathering soon will also serve as a venue for us to know each other more – since many had been accepted to the program in recent times.

Just a suggestion. Thank you!


Good Suggestion, it’s been a while, I want to say 2016?

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