Suggestion: Optional width by dragging on the border


This is a suggestion as my screen is not that big and when I have my developers tools I do not have enough space to have the tab center pinned, as by default it is quiet large.
I would like to have it at 30 or 50% depending on my needs.
Vivaldi is making a nice job from it. Once you rollover a tab you get a preview of it:

And there you can also place several tabs in one (with same rollover option):

Please to not get me wrong when I am showing examples from other browsers but I though it was the best way to explain myself.

Thank you again for the great work.

I agree with this suggestion to make the user decide what is best for him because everyone have different view for example in my case i don’t want to open the full tab center to see the next website I know where I want to go and simply enough just by clicking on it i should be there, also one more thing when I start reading by mistake my mouse moves near the tab center and it open which is annoying after sometime.

So we did this in the latest few versions actually. If you ‘pin’ tab center, you can now drag it to be as narrow or wide as you wish!

Great :slight_smile: I am testing it now.

It’s really working smooth.

I also saw that there is a miniature added of the site in the tab. That’s working great too. Mainly the fact that it switches to no miniatures when too many tabs are open in the same window.

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(As an easter egg, it also switches to miniatures if you drag the sidebar to be very narrow. :slightly_smiling_face:)