Suggestion: Snooze in a location

Snooze Tabs would become much more useful if it could reveal tabs when I’m at home/work etc.

It could either use network name, public IP address or local IP address (which is usually different on a different network) or location provided by Firefox.


Hmm, that sounds like an interesting feature! We don’t have syncing between devices for snoozed tabs - but are you thinking this would work if, for example, you brought your laptop with you between work & home?

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Exactly. :slightly_smiling_face: I use my laptop at home as well as at work. If I didn’t have time to read or sort something out, I’d snooze the tab until I get home.

I suppose it’s not difficult for the add-on to tell if it’s running on a portable device or a desktop PC (where this feature wouldn’t make sense).

Thanks for your response, have a nice day

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This could tie in with the “Send Tab to Device” addon (which I believe is coming natively to Firefox Sync at some stage?) – it’d be great to be able to snooze a tab and have it appear on another device at the right time, as @m.omasta suggests.