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(Djon91ru) #201

Приветствую! В выпадающем списке “Подписаться на эту ленту новостей, используя” пропал Brief, подскажите как это исправить? или как можно быстро подписываться на новости? А то через импорт и экспорт в ручную править долго. Переустановка Brief не помогла. Проблема появилась недели две назад. Firefox.

(Phil Edwards) #202

Possibly a stupid question… how do I add an individual feed?

I’ve imported all my feeds from my old feed reader, which used a folder in the Firefox Bookmarks hierarchy (All Bookmarks / Bookmarks Menu / RSS Feeds). If I delete a feed from Brief, it doesn’t delete the feed from that folder - and if I re-subscribe, it re-adds it to the same folder, but not to Brief.

Basically, Brief seems to be getting its RSS/Atom feeds from somewhere different from where Firefox wants to put them. How do I fix this?

Brief 2.5.5, Firefox 60.0.1, MacOS 10.11.6

(Christopher Whitmey) #203

Using FF60. Brief RSS feed working well until about 27 May 2018. All feeds have disappeared but are still bookmarked. Brief will not refresh. Any ideas why?
I’m in the UK could it be anything to do with GDPR coming into operation?

(Masemunejp) #204

I’ve been experiencing a lot of problems and some steps I have taken to try to solve them.

Problem: Bugs When Deleting Feeds

Let’s say our feed has 1000 items. If you click on a specific feed, let’s say “MySite”, and you want to delete the feeds from MySite you can either: Press ‘t’, manually press x, or press the ‘empty feed button’.


[pressing ‘t’ to delete]
If we press and hold the ‘t’ button to delete the feeds it works, but eventually i’d say like 10 seconds in it will either: 1) stop deleting the feeds or 2) stop deleting from the top. In other words if the deletion starts from the first feed row, it will jump stop deleting from row 1, and go to row 2. And so on. Sometimes it will also just stop deleting in general.

[selecting ‘empty feed’’]
Sometimes it fails to empty the feed. Let’s say MySite has 1000 feeds. Three things will either happen: 1) It will delete a large portion of the feeds (like 600/1000), and have some remaining ones that are not deleting. Upon pressing the button (I believe it’s automatically book marking the remaining feeds) sometimes the feeds will be bookmarked automatically.

(Masemunejp) #205

Problem: Feeds are not being fetched

I am subscribed to this video tube site. They have a built in rss button, which I used to subscribe to the feed. It was grabbing the feeds perfectly fine, but after I renamed the feed from inside Brief, “TubeSite” to “TB” it suddenly stopped fetching feeds. I thought something was wrong so I decided to uninstall brief and reinstall it.

It’s not fetching the feeds from TB.

Steps Taken
I uninstalled Brief. Cleared all history, cache, data, etc, and reinstalled it. Still not fetching the feeds. I checked the site to see if new videos were uploaded, and they were.

(Masemunejp) #206

Problem: Data from Brief being stored even though I removed it.

Upon removing brief from the addons, clearing all data, history, etc, closing firefox, reopening firefox and finally reinstall Brief. It still remembers my organization, and feed names that I had, my actual feeds, and even my css customizations. Although it did have to fetch the posts again.

Steps Taken
After removing, and clearing all history/data, I decided to check appdata to see if the addon was still remaining. I searched and filtered the results by author name, brief, and the random hash that appears in the urls (moz-extension:// ui/brief.xhtml ) when you open brief. I deleted some of the remaining folders and files (which also had the storage file). I reinstalled the addon and yet again all my customizations, css, and organizations are still there.

(Masemunejp) #207

Also new feeds that I have added do not show up inside brief. Pressing the rss icon next to the url does not add the feed.

(Denis Lisov) #208

@djon91ru Сломалось в Firefox 60. Возможность подписаться с этой страницы должна появиться (в виде иконки Brief в адресной строке, т.к. к списку больше нет доступа) в версии 2.5.6.

@phil.edwards Brief no longer uses the feeds in Firefox bookmarks (no access to them). To subscribe, open the page where you could subscribe in the old way and look for the Brief icon in the address bar. You may need to update Brief to 2.5.6 to subscribe directly from the feed preview page, however.

@Seejuu Nothing GDPR related here. Most likely a compatibility problem in Brief 2.5.6, which I’ll fix in the next version in a day or two. If the bug us still there with Brief 2.5.7 (when it’s released), please report it.

(Denis Lisov) #209

Deleting feeds

Are you sure these entries were not bookmarked before trying to empty the feed? The “Empty feed” action intentionally keeps the bookmarked items intact, so if a significant part of entries are bookmarked before clearing, they are expected to stay. Also, Brief had a bug that resulted in accidentally bookmarked items.

The problem with manual deletion is now brief-rss/brief#364.

Feeds not fetched

It would be useful if you could share a link to the feed / site.

Data still being stored

There’s a feed list backup in the Firefox Sync store. It cannot be deleted as a file (it’s a database with data for multiple addons). Yes, I know that Brief needs a “wipe everything and start from scratch” button or something like that.

Unable to subscribe to new feeds

Does it happen for any feed or just for some particular one or a few? If not any feed, it would be nice to have an example link.

(Christopher Whitmey) #210

Thanks for the quick response & noted.

(Shane) #211

Hi, earlier this week Brief started looking like this:

And this is the console from “I’m about to click the Brief icon” to “it showed up with nothing in it and won’t respond to anything I do”:

It says Brief last updated on May 28, and I have automatic updates on. Coincidence? And is there a fix?

(Denis Lisov) #212

Could you please open about:debugging, press “Debug” for Brief and check that console? Specifically, I’m interested in error messages, especially whether there’s the following one

Brief: migration into already-used database not yet supported

(Shane) #213

Sorry for the delay. Yes, that message is there:

(Denis Lisov) #214

Ok, I hope to finish the fix for this problem in a day or so.

(Denis Lisov) #215

@Seejuu, @shanec Should be fixed in 2.5.7.

(Shane) #216

Pleased to confirm Brief 2.5.7 has fixed the problem, my feeds have returned. Thankyou!

(Christopher Whitmey) #217

Thanks,Denis, for your email. I’ve updated Brief to 2.5.7. But regret to say Brief still blank after
refreshing. Firefox is v.60.0.1 The 16 feeds are listed on the left

My FF Trouble shooting information Extensions shows;
Brief 2.5.7 true brief@mozdev.org

My trouble-shooting skills are virtually nil }:frowning:

(Denis Lisov) #218

Sounds bad. Let’s try troubleshooting it.

Do I understand correctly that you do see the feeds in the left part of the Brief tab, but do not see any entries in these feeds? Do you see any “no entries” message in the main view?

Do you see unread counts, either in the Brief tab or on the Brief toolbar icon (if enabled)?

If you open the developer tools in the Brief tab with F12 and open the console tab, are there any error messages?



Wondering why instead of subcribing with “Brief” it appears “dynamic bookmarks”

Using FF60.0.1 64bit


Здравствуйте, Денис.

После обновления на 2.5.6 через какое-то время с иконки Brief пропали цифры и оказалось, что и обновление по кнопке “Обновить” не работает. Список лент есть, их можно удалить, записи в ленте есть, тоже удаляются. В общем, вроде, всё работает, кроме обновления и счётчика на иконке.

Попробовал переустановить Brief. Через короткое время то же самое. Попробовал ещё раз, вроде всё было нормально.
Обновился на 2.5.7. Какое-то время работало. И вот сейчас опять.
В консоли ничего интересного.

Brief: opening database in default storage

Brief: opened database in default storage
Brief: 69 feeds in database
Brief: opened database with 3623 entries
Использование атрибута xml:base устарело и скоро будет удалено. Пожалуйста, откажитесь от его использования.