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(Postfi) #101

спасибо за ответ, тоже надеюсь)

(Larry K) #102

I just upgraded to FF 57 – which was dumb, because I should have waited for Brief to be ported to WebExtensions. Now I’ve got FF 57 without a working Brief, which is not acceptable.

Fortunately, I backed up my profile. So I now plan to roll back to an earlier version (FF 52 or FF 56 – is one recommended?) and wait for Brief to be ported.

Question: When Brief is ported to WebExtensions, will my feeds be preserved, including the status of individual posts (unread, read, and deleted)? Or will I have to re-create all of this?

Thanks for all your work!

(Christopher Whitmey) #103

I had the same problem when I auto-updated to FF7. I groaned !!! Installed another RSS reader. But then yesterday Brief reappeared. Add-on details says ‘Updated 20 November 2017’. Hurrah & a big THANK YOU to someone. The ‘another RSS reader’ has been removed.

(Christopher Whitmey) #104

Had same problem. Please see my new post below yours.

(Denis Lisov) #105

First, Brief is back.

Second, it should be able to pick up your feeds and entry status if the previous version was Brief 2.4 and you haven’t uninstalled Brief or cleared extension data in between. The migration should be possible from either Firefox 56 or Firefox 52.

(Denis Lisov) #106

Third, there are likely many bugs and you’re welcome to report them – I can’t fix a bug I don’t know about.

(Christopher Whitmey) #107

Less haste more speed! FF7 in my original post typo for FF57. All my original feeds picked up and working 100%. Thanks Denis for sorting it out.

(Larry K) #108

As I mentioned earlier, I updated from FF 56.0.1 to FF 57.0 a few days ago.

Today, I went to Tools --> Add-Ons --> Extensions and clicked on “Check for Updates”. It installed a new version of Brief. I now have the Brief icon on my toolbar, and it opens the Brief window. Unfortunately, it’s a dead window: none of the buttons do anything (even clicking on “Options” has no effect), and none of my feeds are visible.

This is similar to what happened to me six weeks months ago when FF crashed and corrupted my Brief installation. Then, too, all the buttons (even “Options”) were dead. To fix it a couple months ago, I uninstalled Brief, reverted to the last known good backup, and started over (see my October 4 and October 7 posts above).

At this point I am leaning to permanently rolling back to FF 56 and using the old version of Brief forever. I don’t want to go through another two hours of work as I did on October 7.

(Denis Lisov) #109

Rolling back to 56 forever is not a good idea, you’ll probably catch malware sooner or later.

Does the Browser Console show any messages from Brief? You can disable Brief, clear the console and enable Brief again to see them without the other noise.

Remember that if you had lots of entries before, Brief may take a while on the first start - it was something like four or five minutes for me with about 150k entries. The initial conversion is not quick, unfortunately.

(Larry K) #110

Tanriol, I took your advice on waiting. Here is what happened.

Disabled Brief. Exited FF. Started FF again. Browser console is blank.

Waited five minutes.

Enabled Brief. Browser console says:

  • Key event not available on some keyboard layouts: key=“r” modifiers=“accel,alt” id=“key_toggleReaderMode”   browser.xul
  • Key event not available on some keyboard layouts: key=“i” modifiers=“accel,alt,shift” id=“key_browserToolbox”    browser.xul

Waited twenty minutes.

Clicked on the Brief icon. The Brief window was dead: no response, even from “Options”.

Went to Tools --> Add-Ons --> Extensions, and clicked on Brief “Options”. I can see the options here. I changed one option (sort oldest items first in unread view). The change was received, since when I did it again I saw the checkmark.

Clicked on the Brief icon. The Brief window is still dead: no feeds listed, no bookmarks listed, and when I click on “Options” nothing happens (the drop-down menu does not appear).

Note that even if my own feeds were lost, the drop-down menu ought to appear when I click on Options, right?

New entry in Browser Console:

  • gCurrentView is undefined    brief.js:356

(Denis Lisov) #111

So do I understand correctly that you have the console active, you enable Brief and you receive no messages like Brief: opening database in persistent storage?


Здравствуйте, Денис.
Сейчас новый Brief показывает на иконке все непрочитанные, а раньше показывал только непрочитанные в “Все записи”. У меня практически все ленты исключены из “Все записи”, оставлены только самые важны и теперь не видно, что в них появились новые записи. Не могли бы вы вернуть как было?

(Larry K) #113

Sorry – my mistake. I thought that Browser Console shows me all events since FF was started. Now I realize that it only tells me events that occur when the Console is open.

I disabled Brief, exited FF, restarted FF, opened Browser Console, and enabled Brief. At that point, it shows me Brief: opening database in persistent storage database.js:43

I then click on the Brief icon. The Brief window opens, and that message appears in Console a second time.

I click on every word in the window – Options, Organize, Refresh, All Items, etc - and nothing happens, and no Console messages appear.

I go to Add-Ons Manager and open the Brief options there, and change an option. I get the same message a third time, plus: Brief: update pref feedview.sortUnreadViewOldestFirst to false prefs.js:30

Every time I open the Brief window I get the “persistent storage” message, but nothing changes.

(Denis Lisov) #114

Ok, so it comes to the DB initialization, but does neither start an upgrade nor open the database.

Do you have any very restrictive privacy settings (always private mode / do not accept cookies from websites / something like that)?

(Denis Lisov) #115

Спасибо, пропустил этот момент при портировании. Поправлено, будет в релизе 2.5.2.

(Larry K) #116

Well, I used to use Cookie Controller to micro-manage my cookies, but the FF 57 upgrade disabled that extension as well. Without that extension, FF 57 apparently defaulted to no cookies. So now I have enabled cookies and started Brief.

(Question: If I were to micromanage cookies, what website do I need to accept cookies from for Brief to work correctly?)

Now the window works – all the buttons are functional – and it says “You haven’t added any feeds yet.” So it’s working, but all my feeds have been lost.


  • Brief: opening database in persistent storage    database.js:43
  • Brief: 0 feeds in database    database.js:175
  • Brief: the database looks empty, testing backups    database.js:178
  • Brief: opened database with 0 entries    database.js:53
  • Brief: update pref pagePersist to {“startView”:“today-folder”,“closedFolders”:"_",“tagList”:{“width”:""},“sidebar”:{“width”:"",“hidden”:false},“view”:{“mode”:“full”,“filter”:“all”}}    prefs.js:30
  • Brief: 0 feeds found in local storage    database.js:180
  • Brief: 0 feeds found in sync storage    database.js:183
  • JQMIGRATE: Migrate is installed, version 1.4.1    _static:9
  • Brief: update pref update.lastUpdateTime to 1511303290.005    prefs.js:30

I exited, restarted, and waited fifteen minutes and nothing changed. So waiting doesn’t change anything.

Last time this happened, I manually re-subscribed to all my feeds, and once that was done it remembered my history on each of the sites. I don’t feel like doing that again. I’d rather roll back to FF 56 and use the old version of Brief forever.

(Denis Lisov) #117

Question: If I were to micromanage cookies, what website do I need to accept cookies from for Brief to work correctly?

Probably moz-extension://<uuid of Brief>, as that’s the origin it uses.

I’d rather roll back to FF 56 and use the old version of Brief forever.

You can try to roll back to FF 56 and Brief 2.4, run it for a while (an hour should be more than enough) with cookies allowed for Brief so that it could save the feed list and entries, and then switch back to FF57 + Brief 2.5. Or, alternatively, wait on 56 for a week or two until I have import from brief.sqlite.

(Todd) #118

Hi, should Brief work on mobile? It allowed me to install it but I cannot add feeds–tapping Options turns it orange but the option to add/import feeds doesn’t pop up.

(Denis Lisov) #119

Brief is probably technically mobile-compatible now, but the UI is certainly not intended for that use and needs a significant rework to be usable on mobile.

(Larry K) #120

Tanriol wrote:

Probably moz-extension://<uuid of Brief>, as that’s the origin it uses.

How do I determine the UUID?