[Support] Copy PlainText

(erosman) #41

I dont think that applies to this extension. I will try to see if I can find someone on Win10 to test it.

Update: I asked someone to test the addon on Windows 10 and there was no problem.

Are you using keyboard shortcut or context-menu?

(Ant D) #42

I am using a Windows 8.1 64bit laptop and have not been able to get this to work using context-menu.
I’ve been using ‘Copy Plain Text 2’ using the context-menu for a number of years but can’t get ‘Copy PlainText’ to work at all.

(erosman) #43

I am at Mozfest at the moment so I am a bit tied up but I will be checking it as soon as I get some free time. Sorry for the delay.

Are you using both add-ons at the same time? There can be conflicts.

(Ant D) #44


I disabled Copy Plain Text 2.

Thanks for replying so quickly



I’m not getting any functionality. I’ve been using “Extended Copy Menu (fix version)” for years for this but finally started looking for a WedEx alternative.

I added Copy PlainText then disabled Extended Copy Menu (fix version) and restarted the browser. I see Copy PlainText in my context menu but clicking it does nothing. The context menu disappears but nothing is actually copied to my clipboard.

I’m not sure where to look in the console for more info. I installed v1.5 on Firefox 56.0.2 (64-bit) on Windows 7 Enterprise.

(erosman) #46

I am travelling at the moment and not at my base. I am on Win7 and I dont have a problem (or else I would have fixed it already).
I am guessing that in the case of the few people who have problems with the add-on, there is something that is interfering with it. With WebExtesions, there is no need to restart the browser.

You would get a pop up error message if there was a failure to save to Clipboard, and since I presume you are not getting it, something else is interfering.

I will try to find out the reason once I get back.

(Margherita Fiorello) #47

It does not work for me, it does not copy at all.
I’m on Firefox 56.0.2 32 b.
Tried to deactivate all addons and still it does not work :frowning:
Some hints?

(erosman) #48

Let me install Firefox 56.0.2 and see.

You are right. it is not working.They must have disabled the OOP that is needed for the new copy function, again.
I will post an update today.

v1.6 uploaded. I reverted back to the original copy function so it wont work on addons.mozilla.org anymore
I hope that fixes the issue for everyone.

(Margherita Fiorello) #49

thanks for the update !

(Kerry K) #51

Are you guys going to support Firefox 57? Thanks

(erosman) #52

It has always supported Firefox 57 as it is a WebExtension (from the start).

You maybe mistaking “Copy PlainText” with “Copy Plain Text” or others. :wink:

(Kerry K) #53

Well that’s so good to hear. At least I know yours will work once firefox 57 is released.

(Szantilas) #54

Sir. Thank you for a great addition. It helped me a lot. Please add the option of removing single space from the copied text. Useful for copying catalog numbers and account numbers.

(erosman) #55

Can you give me an example?
Do you want text without space?

(Zzt) #56

It would be nice if these options were optional:

  • Copy to the clipboard automatically after selection.
  • Insert with the middle mouse button.
  • Links also as plain text.

(erosman) #57

1- The copy action is NOT straight forward in WebExtension and involves injecting scripts into content which is a hack. To run it every time a selection is made creates a great deal of resource usage. Additional, I have seen that type of feature in action and personally I found it annoying. I copy a link and then mouse moves and it replaces my copy with the new selection which can be just a space, so I have to select the link again and make sure the mouse doesn’t select anything before I paste it somewhere. I found it to be very impractical.
2- WebExtension support of button is very limited. Once that is improved, I will look into it.
3- That is possible but requires extra processing and some text may include many unobvious links. If there is a popular demand for it, I will add the feature.

(Zzt) #58

Thank you very much for your quick and interesting answers.
CopyPlaneText is very helpful to collect many different texts for inserting in an office-text or emails.
My first wish is not very important for there are add-ons like CopyOnSelect.
Paragraph two is very important to me. I miss the add-on AutoCopy so much in firefox-57 because I have to insert hundreds of small texts in my browser every day.
With AutoCopy, this was always done by clicking the middle mouse button.

(erosman) #59

Let’s see when the support is added.

At the moment, WebExtension API does not accept middle key as a command.

(Shumov Andrew) #60

Context menu should stand for formatted copy.

(erosman) #61

As mentioned, it is not possible at the moment to replace the default Firefox copy in a WebExtension.