[Support] FavIconReloader

(Michael Döring) #1

Please use this thread for questions about FavIconReloader.


(Grego Dadone) #2

Hi man. I noticed you removed your addon and there is no other out there that can do this task. Why did you deleted it? It was old but it worked just well! Please bring it back! Thanks!


(Michael Döring) #3


unfortunately I have to deactivate this AddOn to protect me against spam reviews. During the last months a lot of reviews stated that this AddOn do not work and pushed me to delete it.

I don’t want to waste my time by selecting these reviews, answer them, getting no reply and finally let delete them.

But with the upcoming releases of Firefox next year this AddOn depreciates because of missing FavIcon API. So the end of this AddOn is only a question of time.

Sorry for that.




I have recently started using Arctic Fox 27, an advanced “survival” replacement for Firefox 45 ESR, which was the last version to run properly under Mac OS 10.6.8 Snow Leopard. As such AF uses only “legacy” add-ons.

I have a problem: Favicons don’t appear in the History or in new Bookmarks (but they are there in old imported bookmarks, or in the Tab Bar). The developer is quite puzzled about this, as the isssue does not go away if I create a new profile.

So I found your add-on, version 0.8.1, in the Classic Add-ons Archive, well aware that it would only be of partial help, and that I would have to run it every now and again to update the missing favicons.

When I tried it it seemed to be working, but after going through all of my bookmarks (over 4000 of them) and by-passing a few 404’s here and there, after it was over every single apparently valid entry got tagged with this: “Perhaps site redirection. Please try link manually”.

I do not have a clue what this means or what I can do about it, but of course I cannot do this manually for 4000 favicons — which anyway would be pointless, as that is exactly what the problem is about. Can you tell me what this error is about and how not to get it?



(Michael Döring) #5

It may be that this add-on is not working properly.

If most of your faicons are detected, this add-on works for you.
This add-on does not execute JavaScripts. So if your bookmark points to a website that calculates the link to the favicon, it will not work.
If your link destination points to a redirected site through a script, it will not work.

The message “Please try link manually” indicates that you should click on the link of the bookmark in this window. It should open the bookmarked page in another tab, render the site and run all the scripts, if possible, and set the favicon.