[Support] FoxyLink

(Ubhu Sunt) #10

Some sugerences:

  1. An option to open all links
  2. A text filter
  3. A checkbox

(basically something similar to the “save images” link part)

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(erosman) #11

All links can be opened by Ctrl +a (select all) and then using the ContextMenu. I didn’t add a “open all Links” since some pages have 100s of links and that can create a mess if selected accidentally.

What do you mean by Text Filter?

A check Box for what?


(Ubhu Sunt) #12

By text filter i mean a textbox to filter the links (like the one in the picture)
The checkbox could be usefull to see which links are going to be opened, and tick untick some links
Captura de pantalla (64)


(erosman) #13

I see… I have to see what can be done.
The popups in WebExtensions are not the same as the legacy before. There are many limitations.


(86 Legacy) #14

This is similar to Linky, where a RegEx filter can be applied to select/deselect urls based on a pattern. Happy to see other demanding for it.

If Popups are limited, consider reporting the need to Mozilla - They claim they want to provide developers with reasonable APIs.


(erosman) #15

Let’s see what can be done.


Favorite WebExtensions?
(Bryan L) #16

Any chance you can update this to copy multiple links AND the link text to the clipboard and give the user the option to open all the links?

I’m looking for a replacement to Multi Links Plus. I use this daily at work to copy jira ticket urls/text then I pasted it in notepad++ to reformat it for a release/build email list. I have a jira dashboard that shows all the current tickets in queue and I used this to copy them all at once vs copy/pasting each link and each links text.



(erosman) #17

With FoxyLink …
You can Open or Copy multiple links.
Yo can also save multiple links for later, and add to it multiple times.

Then you can copy the saved ones to Clipboard or Open the saved ones.

Isnt that what you wanted?


(Thaliel) #18

Can this addon open links that are images? like on https://eggcave.com/@thaliel , where I want to open all the links the images in the scrollable area link to


(erosman) #19

I have to do some testing. The Context Menu sees them as images (not links) but I can work on it to fix it in future (I am working on something else at the moment).


(Bryan L) #20

There are a few things that foxylink doesn’t do that I’m unable to find a suitable replacement for.

  1. I cannot easily copy links in a column as it only lets you drag however the browser selects vs doing something such as right click while holding ctrl key to show a box of what your selecting:

  2. I cannot copy multiple urls with their title text to paste

  3. I cannot choose on the fly whether to store the urls/title text or open them in alternate tabs:

Or, if I can do these things, I can’t figure out how. I included screenshots of what mutli-links does and the menu item it displays when you left click after using ctrl+right click to generate a box to capture the urls you care about.


(erosman) #21

I will try to include such features if they are possible in WebExtensions in future updates.


(Bryan L) #22

If you make updates and happen to remember, please add a reply and I’ll try it out again.



(Jon ) #23


The update to firefox broke an addon I’ve been using called Selection Links. Your addon is very similar, and I am able use your addon in Google searches and reddit to open multiple links in new tabs just fine. However my main use case is for my work website, and when I try to open multiple links on this website I get a “Links not Found” error. The addon I’m trying to replace was able to open these links in new tabs. Any thoughts on how I can provide more detailed feedback to you?



(erosman) #24

If I can access the site, let me have the address and I’ll check it out.


(Jon ) #25

Sorry but its an internal work website, confidentiality and all that. I’ve included a screenshot if that helps. I want to selected all the PDF links and open them at once.


(erosman) #26

I think it is because of tables. If you find another similar example somewhere n the internet, I will work on it.


[Support] Text MultiCopy
(X-Raym) #27

@erosman Hi ! Byron’s Easy Copy was a great FireFox < 57 Add-on, which allowed to copy paste Page Title and Page URL within custom patterns. It was very handy to copy pre-formated bbcode or html markup links with it, for example.
Easy Copy was a top plugin, but will not be supported on FireFox 57+… Last update is two years ago.
Can you consider Easy Copy features for FoxyLink ? I think it is the plugin that came the closest to it.
Would be very nice if you do!

Thanks for listening! :slight_smile:


(erosman) #28

That depends on which features of Easy Copy you want.

That addon had many features from areas many of which are already available in other addons of mine.

FoxyTab: Any related to the Tab including Tab title, URL
Edit: Inserting BBcode, HTML, formatting

FoxyLink: Anything relating to links on a page can be included, copy all links, links texts, etc

It is also possible to make an addon with the same features as Easy Copy but I would have the time for a while.


(X-Raym) #29

Hmmm I’m confused, I don’t know if it is a FoxyTab or FoxyLink request, as EasyCopy works on the page infos, but also on right clicked links on that page. What interest me the most is page infos though, but both are useful.

What I liked in EasyCopy was the ability to define custom pattern for the copy, with page metadata (URL and Title)

It is also possible to make an addon with the same features as Easy Copy

That could be nice too :slight_smile:

but I would have the time for a while.

No worries, I understand this is community un-sponsored project. It is already very generous to you to share all this add-ons ! :blush: