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Would it be possible to copy the url from a tab that is currently not loaded?

I realize only youtube/video urls might benefit from this but I’d really like to right click on a tab to copy the URL instead of left-clicking which causes the video to load.


What do you mean “not loaded”?
Do you mean not-active?

Can you explain a bit more?

I hope it has a repo for issues (including suggestions) and pull requests.

I hope it to support options to hide or reorder these menus.

You can post issues and suggestion here.

Context menus are loaded at browser/addon start up. At the moment, there is no WebExtension API to hide the menus. It is possible to remove them. I have to look into it.

The reorder would mean removing them and readding them and I haven’t tested it.

If here are enough demand for these features, I will see what can be done.

I think this post is inconvenient, such as creating or maintaining a code or translations updates.

I guess you can remove all and re-create them rely on a sorted object after extensions starts and load preferences.

I don’t develop on Github or similar. Translations can be submitted and I will include them in the next update.

Sure… as I said, If here are enough demand for these features, I will see what can be done.

Is it possible to add the functionnality:
Paste in new tab ?
and the option to use Keybord Shorcut for new tab and duplicate ?
(+ maybe icon as in this add on
witch is not compatible with FF 57)
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At the moment, WebExtension API doesn’t have a Clipboard API. Copying to clipboard is managed by a hack of injecting into the page and using a Web API. Reading from Clipboard is even more complicated. This hack does not work on all pages as Firefox prevents such actions on some domains.

Shortcuts have to be hard-coded in WebExtensions. There is no API at the moment to change the keyboard shortcut according to user preference.

I can add keyboard shortcuts for them but the keyboard shortcuts are already very crowded and the way WebExtensiosn work is that in case of overlap (from Firefox or other addon) only 1 will be initiated so there is no guarantee that it will work, which will be annoying.

Thank you very much for this detailed answer.

I hope Firefox will improve quickly webextension API so you can add functionality in your add-on :slight_smile:

is there any way to get the copy all tabs to left/right working again? when i first got the addon it worked like a charm, but now i get “failed to save to clipboard” every single time i try it.

I have just tried it and it is working fine.

Please note: WebExtension does not have a Clipboard API. Copy to clipboard is managed by a hack of injecting a script into the page.

Firefox blocks this action (injecting script into a page) on some pages like about:*, addons.mozilla.org (and a few others). Therefore, if the tab that you click on, is one of those pages, it fails.

Was that the case?
If not, can you tell me which Firefox version you are trying it on and which FoxyTab version and on which page?

So this is messages.json for spanish locale:

“extensionName”: { “message”: “FoxyTab” },
“extensionDescription”: { “message”: “Colección de acciones relativas a pestañas” },

“copyUrlAll”: { “message”: “Copiar URLs de pestañas” },
“copyUrlLeft”: { “message”: “Copiar URLs de pestañas a la izquierda” },
“copyUrlRight”: { “message”: “Copiar URLs de pestañas a la derecha” },

“duplicate”: { “message”: “Duplicar pestaña” },
“closeDuplicate”: { “message”: “Cerrar pestañas duplicadas” },

“closeLeft”: { “message”: “Cerrar pestañas a la izquierda” },

“hostKeep”: { “message”: “Conservar pestañas del servidor” },
“hostClose”: { “message”: “Cerrar pestañas del servidor” },
“hostCloseOther”: { “message”: “Cerrar las demás pestañas del servidor” },

“copyTitle”: { “message”: “Copiar título de la pestaña” },

“textClipboard”: { “message”: “Los datos se guardaron en el Portapapeles” },
“errorClipboard”: { “message”: “No se pudieron guardar los datos en el Portapapeles” },

“textConfirmCloseLeft”: { “message”: “Está a punto de cerrar $1 pestañas. ¿Está seguro de que quiere continuar?” },

“amo”: { “message”: “Firefox restringe ciertas funciones en algunas URLs.” },
“changelog”: { “message”: “Registro de cambios” },
“credits”: { “message”: “Reconocimientos” },
“error”: { “message”: “Hubo un error con la operación.” },
“options”: { “message”: “Opciones” },
“saveOptions”: { “message”: “Guardar” },
“support”: { “message”: “Soporte” }

Great Thank you… I will add them to the next upgrade. What name do you want me to put for your name (under Translation Credit)?

Maybe I should start a depository on github for the translations? :thinking:

I have started a github repository for my addons… let’s see if that works out

I am preparing the new version 2.3
The es (need to be updated) and zh_CN are done (check the github link above)

If there is a request for a new feature, let me know.

It would be tremendous if I could customize the menu items. For example I know I will use duplicate tab frequently, so I would rather have that in the main context menu as opposed to under Foxy Tab. Please investigate that.

Sadly, I have no control over it.

WebExtension API does not allow any changes to the Firefox Context-menu so it is not possible to move it to the main context-menu.

If an addon only has ONE context-menu item, it will appear on top level but WebExtension API automatically creates submenus if addon has more than 1 context-menu item.

After today’s update of FoxyTab 2.3, the ‘Copy URLs…’ functions have stopped working. Other functions seem to work ok, although I’ve not tested them all. I’m so needing the copy URL functions, but I don’t know what could be wrong. Tried removing and reinstalling FoxyTab, without luck. Using latest FireFox 55.0.3 (32-bit).

On the other hand, the ES translations look very good.

I will install FF55 and test it (I am on FF56). If there is a problem, I will fix & update immediately.

Update: You are right. The new copy code has a problem on FF55 but works on FF56. I have changed the compatibility. I will update a fix today.

Update2: v2.4 uploaded
New Copy code only works on FF56+. Updated the code for FF53-55

Just tried, it works. Thanks for the quick fix! One day without FoxyTab and it already broke my working flow.

Just a minor comment, the small pop-up saying the URLs were copied into the clipboard doesn’t appear. I guess it appears in FF56. Nothing to worry about actually. The pop-up saying ‘FF restricts actions on some URLs’ does appear tho.

Agan, lots of thanks!