[Support] FoxyTab

(erosman) #21

I removed it …
In my other addons, users had said that they didn’t want a pop-up every time they do things… so I removed the notice pop-ups and only kept the “error” type notifications.

If there isn’t any pop-up, it means there was no error and it was done.

I can bring the notification back, if there is a demand for it.

(YFdyh000) #22

Wish list:
Sort tabs, a-z / z-a, maybe also support natural sorting (numbers).
Merge windows, like https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/merge-all-windows/.
Like the https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/clicktabmove/, if you would. It also support other addons to call using sendMessage.

(erosman) #23

I will look into it.

Update: Sort Tabs by URL & Title, Ascending/Descending added
Normal sort for now… adding Natural Sort means 4 new context-menu items (8 in total, 4 normal sort and 4 natural sort)

Move Tabs to Left/Right to New Window added
Move tab to the start/end added
Move tab, Left/Right to a New Private Window

Update3: Merge All windows (including pinned tabs) added

I can add a runtime.onMessageExternal.addListener() but that would be useful if there are addons that would send messages. Otherwise, it is just a waste.

Reload tabs: All, left, right
Reload Tab every 1-5 minutes
Stop Tab Reload
Save Tab as PDF (Firefox 56+ only and not on Mac OS X)

PS. Translations: The messages.json will change a lot as I am moving some menus to sub-menus.

(Juan Miguel Martínez) #24

Bug: Copy Tab Title doesn’t work properly. Using FF 55.0.3 32 bit, with FT 2.4. The previous version did nothing at all. FT 2.4 shows the error ‘Can’t copy data to clipboard’ on first try, but works on second try and subsequent tries.

(erosman) #25

In v2.3 I made a new copy to clipboard function but sadly that only worked on FF56. It should have been fixed in v2.4.

Which page are you trying it on?


does this redirect “open in new tab” to a next-to-this-tab feature like TabMixPlus? i see your current features and i was like “whaT? HELL YEAH! i want!”

(erosman) #27

Some of the features of legacy addons are not possible with WebExtension API. For example, it is not possible to change Firefox preferences.

Did you want a feature to open links in a tab next to the current?
Can you explain a bit more please.


yes i want a feature such when i right-click my links and select “open in new tab” then FoxyTab would re-order it to open in a tab immediately next to the current tab. i use TabMixplus for this now. it redirects new tabs immediately right (by setting this specifically in the options) rather than as a new “last tab” at the end.

(erosman) #29

Actually, FoxyTab doesn’t deal with content on the pages where the links are. Its functions are mostly to deal with the tab itself.

However, I have another addon FoxyLink which deals with links and selecting “Open selected Links” from the context menu will open the link/s next to the current tab (If you are happy with using the contextmenu).

It is not possible to change the Firefox’s default behaviour.

It is possible to hack around the page to block opening all links and then manually open them next to the current one but that adds a lot of processing for a function that is not always needed.


Thank you I will also try FoxyLink. I thought my “open in new tab” was built in, but maybe it is another addon. The “ordering” of the opening is definitely part of TabMixPlus, which is what i was hoping to re-create. I will fully test workflow procedures with your addons and TMP disabled.

Just tested. Woot - My workflow still “works”. Looking forward to v2.5 for the “Move Tabs to the Left/Right to a New Window” feature. thanks again!

(erosman) #31

Soon … I have added a lot of new functions and I am testing.

Nowadays, each Firefox release is different (due to preparation for FF57) so one thing works on one version and not on the other.

(Juan Miguel Martínez) #32

About the Copy Tab Title not working well: I tried with this page, but I can’t reproduce it anymore. Dunno what could have caused that, but now it always works. Just forget about it, maybe my FF just brainfarted for a moment.

Also trying FoxyLinks!

(erosman) #33

To be honest, Firefox is changing a lot in each version in preparation for FF57. They are removing many APIs and there could be unforeseen hiccups now and then.

@yfdyh000 @strel … and anyone interested.

I am preparing for the next version release. If you are interested in providing localisation translation, check out the Github repository.


Would it be possible to add a “copy tab url” to the menu. This would copy only the current url. I realize it’ not that hard to click in the location bar to do that. Sometimes while in the Foxy Tab menu I end up just wanting to copy the current url.


(erosman) #35

That was the reason I didn’t add… OK… I will add it. The benefit is that you can copy URLs of inactive tabs.

Update: Added
@yfdyh000 … I new line for FoxyTab ("copyUrlTab": { "message": "Tab" },)
Thank you


Could you add possibility to copy tab title & URL once together?
In that case, perhaps consider to put all copy actions together in a new menu.
This can be easily done with your previous commit.

(erosman) #37

Do you mean copy single Tab’s title + url in one action?

Do you mean ALL copies … URL, Title, etc under one submenu?
Something like:

Copy ->

  • Tab Title
  • Tab Title + URL
  • Tab URL
  • All URLs
  • To the Left URLs
  • To the right URLS

Do you mean v2.4 or v2.5?


1/2: right, that’s what I mean
3: from @yfdyh000 , I believe you have add ability to copy tab URL

(erosman) #39

That is possible… let’s see :wink:

Update: Added Copy Tab Title & URL (v2.6)


2.5 is Awesome!!! Thank you. … Some ctrl-Clicks open in new tab and steal focus, while some ctrl-clicks open in new tab with background loading (unfocused, as i prefer). Can you add a feature to override stealing focus?