[Support] FoxyTab

(erosman) #41

Do you mean when clicking links on the page?
FoxyTab doesn’t deal with page content. It works with the Tab as a whole.
WebExtension API doesn’t have a system at the moment to control Firefox behaviour such as opening tabs.

If you tell me exactly what you mean, I will see if anything can be done.


Firefox’s default behavior of Ctrl-Clicking a link will open that link in a new tab. However, sometimes they steal focus (become the current live tab) and other times they do not. Maybe it depends on the web-site they are on, I am unsure. I believe TabMixPlus was able to override the behavior with an option. I had set mine to always load in the background without stealing focus. If Web Extensions cannot allow this, then I will live without such.

(Juan Miguel Martínez) #43

Possible bug: if the URL in the address bar of the currently focused tab is completely selected, all Copy URL functions only copy the currently focused tab URL, even if you right-clicked in another tab.

  1. Open several tabs.
  2. Select all text in the address bar of the focused tab.
  3. Right-click on another tab, invoke function ‘Copy URLs from Tabs’.
  4. The text in the clipboard has only the current tab URL.

The current FoxyTab has this behaviour, but previous ones also showed it.

Request: would it be somehow possible to customize the menu? Now my most used function is hidden too far.

Also, why there’s not a ‘Copy title from all tabs?’ - Not really a request, but curious. I think I’ve only wanted it once.

(erosman) #44

I tried it now… it works fine on my copy
Is it possible that there is another addon doing it?

WebExtension API is very limited… it doesn’t allow making changes. I will check and see if there is a way to do it.
The reason for submenus was because there are too many actions to have them all in one menu.

Is it needed?
I haven’t come across a situation to need it… but if there is a demand, I can add it… but that would mean more submenus (copy ALL, to the left, to the right)

(Stealhtfire) #45

I would like to see such a thing.
Or even a new replacement for https://addons.mozilla.org/nl/firefox/addon/s3menu-wizard/ for that matter. Which could, if working with 57, do it for everything, not just 1 addon.

Perhaps its possible to make an addon which brings back that Xul support.

Also this menu wizard for some reason doesn’t pick up FoxyTab to change its order in the tab context menu for example.

(erosman) #46

Sadly, WebExtension doesn’t have an API to reorder contextMenu items so an addon like that would not be possible at the moment.

Likely, the legacy addon doesn’t have access to the WebExtension processed addons.

(Doc Billingsley) #47

Could you also add support for the ability to switch between browser tabs using the mousewheel? This was included in several old add-ons, but seems to be the entire point of this one, as a reference: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/tab-wheel-scroll/

(erosman) #48

At the moment, there isnt any WebExtension API for mouse-wheel keys

These are the possibilities (at the moment):

Key combinations

Key combinations must consist of two or three keys:

  • modifier (mandatory, except for function keys). This can be any of: “Ctrl”, “Alt”, “Command”, “MacCtrl”.
  • secondary modifier (optional). If supplied, this must be “Shift”.
  • key (mandatory). This can be any one of:
    • the letters A-Z
    • the numbers 0-9
    • the function keys F1-F12
    • Comma, Period, Home, End, PageUp, PageDown, Space, Insert, Delete, Up, Down, Left, Right

Media keys

Alternatively, the shortcut may be specified as one of the following media keys:

  • “MediaNextTrack”, “MediaPlayPause”, “MediaPrevTrack”, “MediaStop”


Would be possible to add an open new tab on top of the tab context menu separated from the foxy menu to be able to quickly add a new tab next to the tab you want?

If it’s not possible to put put it first could it be added either way?

(erosman) #50

No… WebExtension API doesn’t allow access to the Firefox Menu and places the extension menu at the bottom.

Add new tab? Which menu are you referring to?


Just a menu item than when you click on it opens a new tab. That’s all. Preferably separated from the foxy tab list to to have it more at hand.

(erosman) #52

FoxyTab doesn’t have such a menu. There is a + to open a new tab but that is from Firefox.

Web Extensions cant have menu separated from the rest of its menus. They only get 1 entry.

(Wo F) #53

would it be possible to add an option to close other open firefox windows? (same and / or different host)

(erosman) #54

Do you mean like if there are a few windows open and you want to close mozilla.org in all of them?

(Wo F) #55

I mean there are few windows open and I want to close all windows except the one which is focused right now.

(Juan Miguel Martínez) #56

Again bug with Copy URLs. FF 56.0 32-bit, with FoxyTab 2.7. None of the Copy URL functions work. Last night they worked, today both FF and FoxyTab updated, and beside the ugly new quick search (which can’t be put back to old style anymore) my most used function besides browsing stops working :confused:

(YFdyh000) #57

locales are missing in 2.7.

(erosman) #58

I see… just “close other windows” … that can be done.

I was testing on FF56 and they worked for me. Can you check again?

They were not updated in time for the release. I actually released 2.6 with them, then realised they don’t match the new changes so I had to delete and upload 2.7 without them.

It would get better if they implement my suggestion in : https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1381580#c1

I need to find a better way to manage translations. I am open to suggestions :slight_smile:

(erosman) #60

Added Close Other Windows v2.8

New Feature
Added Tab Counter v2.8

I personally have no use for it, but saw many people needed a FF57 compatible extension for the following, so I included the feature.

New Feature
Added Copy Tab IP v2.8

Request: If anyone fancies converting a Node.js mmdb reader to pure JavaScript, I will add Tab Country Flags

(Juan Miguel Martínez) #61

I checked again, uninstalled FoxyTab, reinstalled, restarted, nothing, the Copy URL functions just don’t work here. Again: FF 56 32 bit, FT 2.7, under Win 7 64 bit.
Is it possible to install 2.5 again, to test?

Edit: I’ve tried 2.5, I’ve deactivated all extensions but FT, I’ve used the restorer in about:Firefox, and nothing. Result: not only any copy to clipboard function from FT doesn’t work; also window size and position is not restored, plus FoxyLink doesn’t even show the menu as if it’s not installed. So I guess my Firefox installation is fubar, I’ll have to remove everything and start anew, hopefully making everything work again.