[Support] IMDb Plus

(erosman) #1

Please post your support questions about IMDb Plus here.

Thank you

(Montaignece) #2

I have Xp sp3 with FF 52 I disabled javascript for IMDB vi NoScript addon when I use search, search results have huge images etc. If I turn off your add-on problem doesn’t occur. Also with IMDB Bigger Thumbnails user js I have no such issue too. Here’s the video of it:

(erosman) #3

I dont get that. I am on Win7 + FF54 but that should not matter.

I think, another addon or script is interfering with it. As it shows on the video, it starts fine and then once you mouse-over, it gets messed up.

(Montaignece) #4

Without mouse over, page scrambled too. With your old user.js called IMDB Bigger everything works fine. Seems you changed the code so it’s not compatible XP or FF 52. I don’t have additional IMDB add-on nor script.

(erosman) #5

I haven’t updated the user script version for a long time. I wrote the addon instead.
As I said, it doesn’t happen to me.
I have been using the addon myself and I regularly visit IMDb. The XP has nothing to do with it. I was using it with FF52 too.
I tried again with JavaScript disable and enabled and both work fine.

(Montaignece) #6

Found the reason, it happens when Bigger Thumbnails disabled.

(erosman) #7

Do you mean in IMDb Plus?
OH… I see … you are right…, let me find out the reason and fix it

(Montaignece) #8

option value=“32” i18n=“disabled” Disabled< in options.html fixed the issue.

(erosman) #9

I have already fixed it and I am uploading a new version 2.1.

Thank you for letting me know.

(Montaignece) #10

Okay, thanks for quick answer and customer support :wink:

(Montaignece) #11

Hi again. This is not your addon related problem. When I sort pages as genres after 200th page I get 404 error, is there a way to bypass it?


(erosman) #12

I tried but I also get 404 … it might be that IMDb has set a maximum 200 pages.
If I find anything, I will let you know.


Hi erosman, I have a similar issue with “Bigger Thumbnails” not working correctly in Firefox 54.0.1 using version IMDb Plus 2.1. Even with “Bigger Thumbnails” option disabled thumbnail pictures are not showing, only the text. Same with it enabled to any size setting. This happens even when all other extensions are disabled except for IMDb Plus. When the page first loads normal sized thumbnails look fine for a split second then go away. When IMDb Plus is disabled then thumbnails work fine.

(erosman) #14

Does it happen on all IMDb pages?
Is there any chance that you can save the page so that I can check the HTML.
Are there any errors logged to the Console?
Do you use it with JavaScript Enabled or Disabled?


Yes, it happens on all IMDB user pages and JS is enabled. No worries though, I am using your GreaseMonkey scripts which work fine.

(erosman) #16

I tested it with JS enabled and you are right. It seems IMDb has changed their JS and it interferes with the addon function (if JS is enabled on IMDB). I will find a fix and post an update.

Thank you for letting me know. :thumbsup:

Update: I found that “Remove LoadLate” clashes with IMDb script, if JS is enabled. if you disable the “Remove LoadLate”, the “Bigger Thumbnails” should work.
I am still working on it.

Update 2: I have fixed the problem (I hope) and I am testing. I will upload an upgrade soon.

(Wojtek) #17

Feature request: would it be possible to hide/blur rating for not-yet-rated movies (so it wouldn’t influence my judgement)?
Are the sources available and are you open for colaboration?

(erosman) #18

On which page?
Give me an example and I will see.

(Wojtek) #19

For example https://www.imdb.com/title/tt2357547/

But I already tackled it with userCSS:

.rec-rating, .imdbRating {
  filter: blur(15px);

.rec-rating:hover, .imdbRating:hover {
    filter: blur(0px);