[Support] Lizard - Select and remove annoying elements

This is a support thread for the Lizard web extension.

Post your feedback and support questions here and I’ll try to answer as soon as I can.


Hi, I LOVE your app! It makes getting rid of pesky elements on a webpage faster. One request though, could you make a save function that saves all the scripts/elements on a page we removed so we don’t have to remove them manually again? I would pay so much money for that! It would help alot

Hi! It’s a great extension. I found your extension when trying to replace “HackTheWeb” legacy extension with a web extension that removes elements from a web page.
A small suggestion only. It would be easier to have separate options for left and right click of the mouse in the preferences page. For example if you have remove “R” as an option for left click of the mouse and wider “W” as an option for right click of the mouse, this way you can do most of the editing of the page with only the mouse.

Hi Maevios,

I’m glad to know you found my extension useful.

If you go to the preferences page and check the settings Expert Mode and Use mouse wheel to wider/narrower selection, you will be able to remove elements with your left click (“R”) and change the selection with your mouse wheel (forward for “W”, backward for “N”). The mouse’s right click will undo (“U”) your actions.


I have a problem using this extension. The functions work well but when I reload the page the effect of Lizard is lost. Why is that? Maybe I missed a few steps?

Thanks for the answer!

Hi Carby,

The Lizard extension was never meant to be session persistent. It will not “remember” your modifications across reloaded.

You are not the first to request this feature, and I have it in my To-Do list.

Thanks for the reply!

Then I misunderstood something. :slight_smile: Anyway I like the extension. And I think this “remember” features would make it really useful.


Without putting pressure on you but when can we expect the “remember” features?

Thank you for your answer in advance!

Hi Carby,

I wish I could give you a rough estimate.

With all this Corona virus business my day job became a nightmare and I have no time for my “web-extension job”.

That’s totally understandable. Don’t mind the new features.

Hi, I love your add-on! It’s very satisfying to see annoying elements disappear. However, some alterations don’t seem to stick when I reload the page.

I have “Remember page alterations” turned on and when I make the alteration, its rule does appear on the “Alteration Rules” page. When I refresh the altered page, the alteration is gone even though its rule is still on the AR page.

Could you help me figure out what’s going on here?

Hi joe1,

The reason for this is most likely because of how the page is creating its elements when it is loading.

Whenever you load or reload a page of this kind, some elements, usually ads, are regenerated with different identification attributes (id, class, etc.). Usually with randomly generated values that can be seen in the Rule Selectors.

And since those attributes are used to locate the elements, the extension is unable to remove them once you reload the page. So in those situations the extension is not effective.