[Support] Page Control

(blueskyy) #1

Support and feedback thread for Page Control.


Controls over popups on websites.

If the domain of a website is added into the blacklist, the user will be prompted on screen when the webpage tries to open a popup window.

(Mohammad Etemaddar) #2

Hello. Thanks a lot for very useful addon. I have a small problem in adding new sites to whitelist. When I click on the add button, nothing happens. I have Firefox 52.1.2 (64-bit) in Linux Slackware. I don’t know if here is the place to tell about bugs or not. And It would be appreciated if I could know how to give more debugging information. Thanks a lot.

(delicacy) #3

Hi blue,

That would be amazing if you could add the main icon to the ff’s toolbar,
with discreet counts over the icon each time a site blocks a popup.
& clicking on the icon would open the page control whitelist :slight_smile:


I don’t know if it works it’s my first trial with following issue:

unable to add gmail attachments… with:
& then…