[Support] Sage-Like - Sidebar Based RSS Feed Reader

This is a support thread for the Sage-Like web extension.

Post your feedback and support questions here and I’ll try to answer as soon as I can.


First of all, thank you again for this extension. It has absolutely revived my preferred (only?) means for accessing and churning through the interfirehose.

I’ll leave it there because I want this thanks to stand alone.

Great to see you found a way to engage a little more with users as well. Thanks for setting this up.

There’s much to like about Sage-Like. One problem I’m having, though, is that when I restart it, some feed names are in bold, even though all the items for those feeds have been read.

I’m currently on vacation but I’ll look into it when I return.


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Hi, arielg,

I’ve enjoyed using you feed reader for the last several months. I’m encountering one issue and would like your feedback.

I use an RSS feed created by https://www.kill-the-newsletter.com/ for reading newsletters to which I have subscribed. Feedbro, Feedly, and others can read the entries created there, but I have been unsuccessful with Sage-Like. I always get “No RSS feed items identified in document.” Any suggestions? Thanks.

Hi robertfarmer1_z,

It’s great to hear you like my extension.

The RSS feed created by https://www.kill-the-newsletter.com/ does not contain links to articles that Sage-Like displays in the feed-items list and that takes you to a remote web page.

Instead, it has the entire newsletter content in the form of an HTML data embedded in the feed. In this case the intention is that the RSS reader should read this HTML and serve it locally to the browser without accessing any remote site.

I’m sorry, but this is not supported by Sage-Like. The main concern that pops in to mind is a security concern. The need to purge the HTML data from any potentially malicious code.

I have added it to my to-do list.

Great to hear from you so soon. I can certainly appreciate that Sage-Like does not support the difference you’ve outlined. Unless you have other advice given your personal experience – like, “I do not recommend kill-the-newsletter” – I’ll keep using Sage-Like but keep the “Brief” Firefox add-on RSS reader just for those newsletters. Thanks again for letting me know. Best regards.

Hi Barry11,

It’s nice to know you like Sage-Like,

The Check Feeds process, which refreshes the tree feeds status, does not check each feed item listed in the feed to identify if it was ever read or not. Instead, for better performance, it just checks the feed update timestamp (when the feed was last modified).

The bold status of a feed depends upon the feed update timestamp in comparison to when it was last visited* (clicked).

Therefore, the situation you describe can result from the following:

  • The remote feed was updated and its timestamp has changed** but its content was unchanged.
  • The feed’s Read\Unread state was accidentally toggled via the menu item or the menu’s hotkey “G”.

In the preferences page the setting Show total number of unread feeds and feed-items includes the number of unread items next to each feed in the tree. This offers a better indication about the feed content.

I hope this helps.

* The menu items incorrectly use the terms ‘Read/Unread’ instead of ‘Visited/Unvisited’.
** The update timestamp can be seen in the feed’s tooltip.