[Support] Tab Re-Title General Support


General support thread for the add-on Tab Re-Title since I probably shouldn’t piggyback on the thread started for a particular issue.

(piecevcake) #2

Hi Lazyuki, thanks for your great work on Tab Re-Title.
Following up questions asked in the reviews, at your suggestion -

  1. Other tabs (ones I HAVEN’T renamed!) are changing names all on their own, at random times, when either selected, or freshly opened from a link on another web page! This seems to happen when either Rename Tabs or Tab Re-Title is enabled.

  2. The original name does not appear in the rename dialog so impossible to modify it? Have to use another add-on to copy the original title and paste it into the box, then edit it.

  3. (New) How do you use $0 to revert to original title? I entered it in the rename box and it renamed the title to $0!

  4. (New - suggestion) Shift_Alt_X was used by Colorful tabs addon - which we hope to see return! Would Ctrl_Alt_T be better as a shortcut???

(Would be good to mention this site in your main description, so people can find support?)

Not clear how this site works, so Ihope “reply” is the correct procedure!


Hey piecevcake, thanks for the report!

  1. Have you updated the add-on to the new version 1.4.3? It fixes some bugs, and I wonder if it fixes this bug too.

  2. There should be current title (not necessarily the original title, if you changed the title already) should be shown at the top like this pic.

  3. $0 works by putting it in the new title name. If you are changing a website that says Google for example, typing
    G - $0
    will change that titke to “G - Google”.
    Again, you need to have the latest version 1.4.3 to use this.

  4. Firefox’s shortcuts are weird… and I’m not sure if Ctrl-Alt-T works. My chrome version of this add-on lets you change the shortcut, but I haven’t found a way for users to change shortcuts on Firefox. I’ll see what I can do.

  5. This is now linked under “Support site”, but maybe I’ll add it in the description too.


(piecevcake) #4

Hey thanks Lazyuki for the quick response! I copied the message above at [Support] Tab Re-Title
and updated it

mm… I had started to smell a rat, and figured out that for some reason I was still on v 1.2.2 and update reported “no updates found”…? So manually installed over the top. Now have your extra features! (Not sure if it’s just me with this problem?)

I did check Ctrl_Alt_T and it doesnt seem to do anything at present…
Should this continue here or on the other page?


Oh that’s weird… Make sure your add-on auto update option is enabled. It may be because I added another permission (bookmarks) and that prevented it from auto-updating, but I’m not sure.

The shortcut is still Alt-Shift-X, because that’s the only one that I can guarantee to work on both Windows and Mac at the moment.

(Hg42) #7

sorry, I somehow missed the Advanced Tab on the Options Page…so I deleted my last Question about RegExp usage.

EDIT: With RegExp the Tab Re-Title is already very useful.
However a RegExp including the old title via $0 doesn’t work, because it becomes a recursive operation. The RegExp will be applied again and again to the already changed title. It’s currently unclear, when this happens. But for now, using a static value instead works fine.

EDIT: the recursion seemed to be a result from multiple regexp pattern matching the same url. I didn’t understand, that the patterns are stored with the pattern as key, which is indeed logical, but you don’t see how the list is changed by saving. So editing the pattern created new entries.

EDIT: unfortunately a search engine page like https://nixos.org/nixos/options.html#test doesn’t update it’s title. I need to reload the page to get the new title.


Yeah there seems to be a bug regarding the usage of $0 and recursion. I need to look into multiple patterns matching the same url. Thanks for the info.

nixois.org is working for me. I’m not sure what the problem is.