[Support] uBlock Origin

(gwarser) #576

If you have uMatrix or any other request filtering extensions, you must add moz-extension:// to whitelist.
In uMatrix: Dashboard -> My rules -> matrix-off: moz-extension-scheme true

(gwarser) #577

I see you know this already, but for other people:

For example, there is a thread on reddit about UK users suffering such issue, apparently it was due to an ISP.


@gwarser, I only have request policy and I always had it and it wasn’t a problem. I also added “moz-extension-scheme” to the whitelist in request policy, and even restarted a browser, but that didn’t help at all… I’m also not in the UK and uBlock Origin works just fine in Opera, so it’s not ISP or something.

(gwarser) #579

Look here https://github.com/gorhill/uBlock/issues/2965

use moz-extension://: as source instead of destination in RPC

(gwarser) #580

If you really have original RP, then there is no “scheme” part to whitelist. Anyway, you can easily add uBlock “host” to whitelist. Go to UBO Dashboard, and from RP icon, click on “Allow requests from xxx-xxxx (lot of digits)”.


Yeah… I did try to do that… But didn’t work until I disabled request policy, restarted browser and enabled it(with a restart) again. And I use the old request policy(the one that is not “continued”) because the one that is “continued” was breaking things…
Thanks anyway… Now I wonder why filters update sooo much faster in opera… it takes like 5 seconds to update all filters in opera and about 1-2 minutes to do the same in FF…


I Godaddy for email services. When using webmail and attempting to compose a message (new, reply, does not seem to matter) the compose dialog starts to display but then gets an unending busy cursor. Whitelisting the site has no effect. With uBlock add-on disabled, compose works.

The webmail URL is https://email10.godaddy.com

(For Shitt) #583

please make alternate icon selection for black themed backgrounds.


tmz.com just shows a black page =(


@gorhill or anyone, please help. I’m trying to block remote content in another add-on’s options page, but no matter what I try, it’s not working.

Nightly 58.0a1 20171008220130
uBlock Origin 1.14.14
Referer Control 1.27
No other add-ons enabled

“My rules” tab has only this and nothing else:
* * * block

“Whitelist” tab has no entries.

Browser Console still shows connections being made when opening Referer Control’s options page: 2 to https://www.paypalobjects.com/… and 1 to https://keepa.com/…

(gwarser) #586

No longer possible https://github.com/gorhill/uBlock/wiki/Firefox-WebExtensions#differences-with-ubolegacy

uBO/webext has limited access to behind-the-scene network requests, unlike uBO/legacy which had full access to all behind-the-scene network requests. For example, you won’t be able to see (and block) network requests made by other extensions. Related: “Support moz-extension: urls in MatchPattern”.


Thank you for replying. I see that bug 1271354 was fixed in Firefox 56. Does this mean we can expect the problem to be remedied in uBlock Origin? (Related: issue 2795)

(Glenn Pyle) #588

uBlock has stopped working since FF update (see picture). I’ve uninstalled, etc. but nothing works (and I haven’t installed any new addons since it worked). Thoughts?


(gwarser) #589

1271354 is fixed in Firefox 56. Wiki - Firefox WebExtensions says it’s the reason it’s no longer possible to block requests from other extensions.

No. Accessing other extensions request is disallowed for “security reasons”. Comment 14 is about this. This bug is about accessing “our own” resources, and this is fixed.

(gwarser) #590

We can start with this: https://github.com/gorhill/uBlock/wiki/Firefox-WebExtensions#read-carefully-if-using-ubowebext


Thank you for the tip.

(Shekhar Kumar) #594

My experience with it has not been as expected. After initial investigation it can be held responsible for changing DNS settings in router/modem to other than what was set by user. After several scans with different AVs and 3 or 4 OS reinstallation the adware was still persistent. Clicking on any link lead to ad sites and if not one can still see the malware DNS in router/modem. After this addon’s removal things are normal.

Can anyone confirm this???

(Mark12547) #595

That isn’t what I am experiencing. I just checked the modem/router box from my ISP and the DNS server IP addresses are just what the ISP configures them to be, and I checked my Windows setting for DNS Server IP addresses and those are exactly what I had set them to be.

Did you install uBlock Origin directly from https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/ublock-origin/ or from someplace else? (The en-US part of the URL may read differently if your primary language isn’t English(United States).) In particular, was it specifically “uBlock Origin” (the official full name) and not one of the other similar-sounding names, and was it from https://addons.mozilla.org?

(David Lee) #596

I’m unable to install the latest uBlock Origin on Seamonkey 2.48. Kept getting an error about the package being corrupt. Likewise, the add-ons page keeps pestering me to install Firefox. I prefer Seamonkey and would rather not have Firefox + Thunderbird also installed. I’ve managed to somehow install uBlock Origin 1.13.8, but I am not allowed to upgrade to the latest versions, beta or otherwise.

(gwarser) #597

Seamonkey not support webextensions (new format of Firefox Add-ons).
You must install from Github.
Someone even created extension, to update automatically. Read more here: https://github.com/gorhill/uBlock/wiki/Firefox-WebExtensions#future-of-ubolegacy