[Support] uBlock Origin

(Cinke) #598

Hi there,
Someone may be able to help me out with this issue.

I want to block cookie warnings - possibly blocking the warning on multiple sites, if they have the same div class.
When the cookie warning div has one class (say .cookiewarning) than adding a custom filter
would block that div class on all sites.

However, when the warning div has multiple classes (cc_container–open and cc_container and cc_banner) eg. at gsmarena.com than
www.gsmarena.com##.cc_container--open.cc_container.cc_banner - WORKS
##.cc_container–open.cc_container.cc_banner - DOES NOT WORK
##.cc_banner - DOES NOT WORK

So, how to block a div with multiple classes on multiple sites?

(Raymond Hill) #599

Did you check “Ignore generic cosmetic filters” in the “3rd-party filters” pane?

(gwarser) #600

I can confirm. This was like this even in 1.13.8. Probably because element is loaded with delay.

However I see regression, after a76f5b15ac4ff6460b51325b0dcfd6ca2543880d even gsmarena.com##.cc_banner is not applied.


(Cinke) #601

No, it is not checked.

(Raymond Hill) #602

This works on my side, I can’t reproduce this specific filter not being applied.

However, two things regarding the generic filter ##.cc_banner:

  • I introduced a silly regression in the DOM surveying code in the latest dev build. I need to fix this.
  • Generic filters are not applied on gsmarena.com because generic cosmetic filtering is disabled on that site by the EasyList filter @@||gsmarena.com^$generichide.

(Raymond Hill) #603

As said above, your issue is because of the EasyList filter @@||gsmarena.com^$generichide, it prevents generic filters from being applied.

Anyways, looking at how this cookie notice works, you can use the following filter to disable the notice: /cookieconsent.. This is better than a cosmetic filter because it blocks the script which creates the notice. From the look of it, this is a library used on many sites, so this should take care of many cases of cookie notices.

Edit: made the suggested filter more broad: /cookieconsent.

(gwarser) #604


Static filter /libs/cookieconsent2/ found in:

Adguard’s Annoyance List


Static filter /cookieconsent. found in:

Fanboy’s Annoyance List

(Cinke) #605

Great, works like a charm!

Yes, gwarser, annoyance lists have not been ticked (so far).

Thank you guys I learned a lot!

(gwarser) #606

I’m now on 1.14.17b3, and this filter works only if I disable generichide:



(Raymond Hill) #607

? Never mind, I can reproduce with Firefox 56, while it works with Chromium.

(gwarser) #608

I don’t know yet. Works on ESR only.

On other channels I cannot even select picker from context menu - interface will not show up.


Fixed, thank you.

(Raymond Hill) #609

Sorry I corrected my answer above, I could reproduce it with Firefox. Fixed in 1.14.17b4.

(Raymond Hill) #610

Can you elaborate? I could bring up the element picker on gsmarena.com with 1.14.17b3.

(gwarser) #611

On 1.14.17b3 Picker was working only when selected from UBO Popup.
1.14.17b4 fixes this.

(Scott Pessel) #612

Just recently using Firefox version 56 with U block origin and yahoo home page there is a blank white space I guess where a ad is but U block origin is having trouble blocking it, if you refresh a few times blank white space goes away but comes back after re opening browser, I tried different browsers and disable all addons , and refresh firefox and different computers , the white blank space still appears , thoughts or suggestions ? not sure what else to try ?

(Shekhar Kumar) #613

Removal of uBlock Origin did not solve the problem so, uBlock Origin is not the culprit. Thanks for reply.

(Madlyn730) #614

When using incognito/private browsing mode most stuff is kept in memory and away from disk. However. for ublock to function properly some persistence is necessary. What gets written to disk? For instance, does turning ublock off for a domain record that on disk? And without the user doing anything, does it record anything that could give clues to the sites you have visited?

(Dreejavu) #615

Hey there, I’m having severe trouble with uBlock Origin. Loading webpages heavily increases RAM usage. After 20 to 30 minutes of browsing sites like YouTube and reddit, Firefox takes up ~2 GB of RAM and becomes sluggish and unresponsive. With uBlock Origin deactivated, Firefox behaves normally and doesn’t use more than 400 to 600 MB of RAM, so this is definitely an issue with this add-on.
I already un- and reinstalled Firefox, same with uBlock Origin. Right now I’m using the latest Firefox 64 kbit version 56.0.2 and the latest uBlock Origin version 1.14.16 on Windows 10.

Does anybody have an idea what I could try to do? I love this add-on and don’t want to replace it with a worse alternative…

(Major Mike) #616

Do you by any chance have a lot of filters, specially cosmetic filters? Any scripts like say YouTube+ or anything that is used for media extraction (save video) because if a lot of things are injected into the page, it can cause memory leaks and performance issues.

Also, some sites, I have experienced it myself, will cause things to slow down because uB0 is doing its job. For example, they are the kind that ticker style constantly use Ajax to load/lazy load ads into the page or stream, and since uB0 blocks on the network level, each time this happens, you will notice a little degradation and hit and it can add up on the same tab; specially worse if you have multiple tabs open in which this is happening. Just some things to consider.

(Dreejavu) #617

Thanks for your help! I have like ~5 filters, so that shouldn’t be a problem. I also tried to reproduce the problem with a clean install of uBlock and exactly the same memory leaks happened.