[Support] uBlock Origin

(Massimo B) #638

I created an allow rule? What is the syntax for blocking then?
I selected “Block element”, then “Create”, that was creating a rule like this in the list “My filters” and now you say this is an ALLOW rule? I was guessing that both words block and filter means it blocks and filters, no?

(Raymond Hill) #639

I am saying nothing like this. I am saying you created the rule www.consorsbank.de consorsbank.de * allow, this is what is causing your issue. Only you can create that rule, it’s impossible to create by any other mean than you explicitly creating that rule – that rule can’t be created with the element picker.

And the only way to create such rule and have it enforced by uBO is for you to have enabled “I am an advanced user”, a setting which is clearly labelled with a link “required reading”.

Go into uBO’s dashboard, click “My rules”, then remove www.consorsbank.de consorsbank.de * allow. I suggest you un-check “I am an advanced user”, and if you want to use advanced features, be sure to fully read and fully understand the documentation.

uBO is an install-and-forget extension, if you want to use its more advanced features, you are responsible for any adverse effects as a result of misusing these advanced features.

(Steven Van) #640

Ive checked multiple computers at different locations and every one running ublock has the same issue.

(Steven Van) #641

Easylist is whats causing the issue. Disabling it allows the page to run normally on all 4 pcs Ive tested.

(Raymond Hill) #642

I still can’t see the issue with EasyList (enabled by default). What version of EasyList is your uBO using? Click on the list name in “3rd-party filters”, this will open the list content in a new tab, and there should be a date near the top (“Last modified: …”).

(Steven Van) #643

Well anytime I don’t install of you block first thing I do is update third-party filters so it would be the latest

(Massimo B) #644

Go into uBO’s dashboard, click “My rules”, then remove…

Thank you, I didn’t know the rules have precedence over filters.

(Massimo B) #645

btw. I like to filter some background images to speed up important pages on slow links. Does this uBlock “Filter” actually saves bandwidth or does it only block the display after loading the same data?

(Raymond Hill) #646

Can you be more specific: which filter specifically?

Network filtering will save bandwidth. Cosmetic filtering won’t save bandwidth.

Cosmetic filters are recognizable by the use of ## in the filter. Everything else, blocking filters or rules, will prevent a network request from being made by your browser, hence this will save bandwidth.

To save bandwith, you might want to consider the use of the setting “Block media elements larger than […]” in the Settings pane in the dashboard (documentation).

(Mario Rohkrämer) #647

I tried to read the documentation of uBlock Origin about the syntax of cosmetic filter rules, but unfortunately it is very brief and lacks of examples covering more complex cases, so I could not even discover certainly which kind of constraints are supported, and how they have to be written to be recognized correctly.

I would like to hide whole div’s but not on all pages of a whole domain, rather only if…

a) the loaded pages are in a specific URL path, or
b) this div does not contain a form (possibly of a special class, if that helps selecting it)

I could not easily find an approach for constraint type a) yet, I even doubt paths after domains are supported at all; for constraint type b) I suspect that the pseudo classes :is-not() and :has() may help, but I failed constructing a filter rule that works.

In “English with CSS”, I would like uBO to hide ##.pageContentRight > .box:nth-of-type(1) only if this div.box does not have child and grandchild > .boxCnt > form.formHorizontal … so how may I stitch a working rule using such pseudo classes?

(BevHoward) #648

What is the situation with FF57? Will UBlock Origin stop working when upgraded to 57?

Is there some place to get comprehensive info on this change? There is nothing that I could find here or on the UBlock site with respect to 57.

For me, ublock is so valuable, I will not upgrade to 57 if it means loosing ublock.

Thanks in advance,
Beverly Howard

(Major Mike) #649

uB0 has been webext compatible for a while now and he is actively still developing it, so you should be just fine on 57 and of course by 59 things will hopefully be even better with the APIs being more and more finalized, and hopefully the browser bugs being finally addressed by Mozilla but you should not notice any issue. I have been running the WE version for a while now and despite an occasional issue which he addresses quickly, the function has been fine.

(Mario Rohkrämer) #650

I got an update to v57 on one PC, and uBlock Origin kept working well. In contrast to NoScript, which requires an update to v10 as soon as available…

(Major Mike) #651

NoScript has been taking the hybrid approach due to lack of some necessary API that are just not available but has been able to finalize and release a fully WE version. The reason you probably didn’t notice a change in uB0 is because you already had the WE version installed. Otherwise, if you had the legacy version, it would stop working and you would have needed to update it. The reason uB0 didn’t release a hybrid was due to a lot of issues that arose when the attempt was made, so the decision was made to make them in two distinct packages, XPI and WE versions.

(Raymond Hill) #652

For a), this has to be a hostname only, it can’t be a URL.

For b), try:

example.com##.pageContentRight > .box:nth-of-type(1):if-not(> .boxCnt > form.formHorizontal)

Note that there must be a hostname provided for procedural cosmetic filters, these can’t be applied everywhere unlike plain CSS selector-based cosmetic filters.

Also, when you try to craft such filter, I suggest you do it from the element picker’s textbox, as uBO will given you immediate feedback as you type about whether the filter is valid, about how many elements match on the page, and if any, these will be highlighted so you can see if the result is what you want.

(Mario Rohkrämer) #653

Thank you. Editing in the picker helped debugging my request perfectly, I found a working solution.

(BevHoward) #654

​>> uB0 has been webext compatible for a while now <<

​OK, I took the plunge and updated to 57, but I am now in over my head.

The update removed uBlock Origin from FF and searching for uBlock in addon’s does not return uBlock Origin as a compatible FF addon.

Any wisdom on how I should proceed?

Thanks in advance,

Beverly Howard

(BevHoward) #655

​>> uB0 has been webext compatible for a while now <<

Amazing how asking a question on a forum facilitates finding the answer yourself.

OK, I got uBlock working. I found uBO on the “find a replacement” list even though it does not come up when searching for addon’s

Now… a couple of “semi related” questions which I will post separately.

Thanks to everyone who responded.

Beverly Howard

(BevHoward) #656

First time on this forum and this UI… how does one maintain “threads” …there is no apparent way to add a “subject” and the [support] seems to contain a variety of topics.

Beverly Howard

(Major Mike) #657

Don’t forget to backup your settings as the change in internals will start you with a blank slate, so that way you can import it in.

What version did you install? You can alternatively get the webext version directly from the Github repository but I can see form the followup post that you already got it sorted it. Good luck.