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On the right hand side, below the timeline, you will see a “reply” icon that is for starting a new topic and the rest of the time, answers are given as a direct reply to the post so you can track the conversation around that given topic but yes I admit the linear attempt at an interface is a bit confusing at times.

So in short, if you are following up or responding to someone, then use the reply icon on their post so they can track and be notified about it. If you want to talk about something new relating to the product, then use the icon on the right to reply to the general topic so it will post individually. Hope that helps.


Ublock Origin seems to break the checkout feature of roveconcepts.com

When I disabled uO it started working.

Is this the place to report this?

(Thomas-S) #660

I need an information, can’t find a working solution, tried a lot, but I am no professional.
How can I set an universal cosmetic filter for an element with changing digits?
Element picker gives me


That hides the element, but the last four digits often change.
How can I set the filter with “wildcards” for the digits to match every expression?

Thanks a lot!

(Raymond Hill) #661

CSS selector syntax allow this:


Edit: corrected mistake in filter – extraneous # removed

(Thomas-S) #662

Thanks for the hint.
Something I will never find out…
This works well but only with two (2) hashes :wink:

(Calabar) #663

First, thanks for this great addon.
I don’t know if it is me or there is some bug in the new Ublock Origin, but I’ve a problem adding a custom filter for an element that recurs in various pages of a website.
If I select the “eyedropper” tool from the ublock panel and select an element, it creates a custom rule for the specified page. As I want that the rule is valid for all the pages of the same website, I open the ublock options and manually modify the reference URL removing the final part of it (the part that contains the specific webpage) and save the list.
Unfortunately, after the modification, the filter don’t work anymore (neither for the website nor for the webpage where I created the filter).
How can I solve this issue? Maybe I’ve to add some kind of wildcard in the string?

The modification is something like:

! 29/11/2017, 12:38:34 http://www.website.it/section/originalwebpage.html

changed in:

! 29/11/2017, 12:38:34 http://www.website.it/section/



The line you modified is just a comment, it has no impact on the actual rule which is below (www.website.it##...). The comment is just to help the user remember when and where they created the rule, uBO ignores it.

Now as to why the rule no longer works I don’t know. Are you sure you have cosmetic filtering enabled for the site?

(Raymond Hill) #665

Probably because there is a variable part in the filter. We would need the real actual case to be able to provide a real answer.

(Calabar) #666

Thanks both for the answers.
I thought that the exclamation mark means “important”, similar to userchrome.css !important; tag. ^____^

Anyway, a real case is:
! 29/11/2017, 12:38:34 http://www.hwupgrade.it/news/sistemi-operativi/microsoft-sperimenta-i-set-su-windows-10-le-schede-per-gestire-piu-applicazioni-in-una-sola-finestra_72657.html

but, according with these new “revelations”, it seems I have do some more test!
besides it seems the filter started to work again after I modified the first line.

PS: I forgot to say that I mainly use FF52ESR, but I’m quite sure the problem appears in my other FF57 installation too.

Maybe I didn’t focus the real problem. Let’s try with another example.
I’ve this filter, it works fine:

! 29/11/2017, 16:06:54 http://www.hwupgrade.it/news/
www.hwupgrade.it##.page-content > div:nth-of-type(3)

It works too fine to say the truth, because it hides an element it should not be hidden in a different page that is covered (but should not) by a filter.
I need that the filter works on “www.hwupgrade.it/news/” and not in the whole “www.hwupgrade.it/”. Something like:

! 29/11/2017, 16:06:54 http://www.hwupgrade.it/news/
www.hwupgrade.it/news##.page-content > div:nth-of-type(3)

but it don’t works. Is there somewhere a syntax manual for ublock?

(Raymond Hill) #667

Unfortunately, WebExtensions API in FF52 does not support user stylesheets, which is needed to ensure no web page can override uBO’s injected styles. So using FF52 could very well be behind your issue. User stylesheets in WebExtensions became possible with FF53.

The link is in the My filters pane… See https://github.com/gorhill/uBlock/wiki/Static-filter-syntax.

(Calabar) #668

Thanks for the answer.
Considering the example above, should the syntax be correct? I took a look at the guide you linked and it seems to me it should work.
Tomorrow or in the weekend I should have more time and I’ll test it on FF57, and I’ll try a better read of the guide.

(Mirellanmal) #669

My uBlock Origin settings were reset to default values (most importantly my custom filters disappeared) after the Firefox 57.0 update. Is there any way to restore them?
I’m on Windows 10 64-bit.

(Raymond Hill) #670

See “To recover your lost settings” section in the release notes of 1.14.0. I recommend “option 1”. You will need to use FF56 or earlier however to create the backup.


Hey, gorhill!

Could you please add support for NovaPlay (https://play.nova.bg/), because everytime I try to see an episode, I have to disable my uBlock Origin, because it’s not playing the video. There are also ads inside the episodes which I cannot avoid, because of the disabled uBlock. If you need any more information, please contact me. I’m not sure if you will be able to access the link above, because you are not from Bulgaria… Thanks in advance. =]

(Gmoneychaz) #672

Hi! UBO suddenly started blocking the “Home” button/tab in the top blue bar on Facebook, but ONLY in Firefox. Any ideas on how to fix this? TIA!

(practik) #673

@diffER, you can probably fix this yourself through uB0’s dynamic filtering pane. I took a quick look, and by adding noop rules for akamaized.net, gemius.pl and mtgx.tv, I was able to replace the never-ending video-loading icon with a “you need Flash to view this video” error message. In other words, “support” for NovaPlay is already included; you just need to learn uB0’s advanced-user features to take advantage of it. Read the documentation and all will become clear.


Hi, this site http://www.magazine-advertisements.com doesn’t work with Ublock Origin. It detects the ad blocker after a few seconds and won’t let you see the site. Any way to fix this?

(BevHoward) #675

You can unblock individual sites… simply click the uBlock icon, then click the blue power icon and reload the page.

Their policy is obviously, if you block ads, you cannot view their content.

Beverly Howard

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(BevHoward) #677

Thanks… always learning.

Beverly Howard