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Hi, I know that the site works with uBlock turned off. But that defeats the purpose of having an ad blocker if you have to turn it off to view any sites. I was just pointing out this site because it’s one I came across that it detects the ad blocker and won’t let you see the site. That’s not good, as if one site figures out how to stop the ad blocker, then other sites will copy it and the ad blockers will no longer work on any site.

I realize that it’s a cat and mouse game with the ad companies trying to stop the ad blockers from blocking their ads. I just wanted to bring that site to your attention so that if it’s possible it can be fixed to block their ads in a future update.

Anyway, thank you. Ublock Origin works with 99.9% of the websites out there which is really great. I have found a couple others like that one, http://www.magazine-advertisements.com, that it also didn’t work on, but I forgot to write down their names. If I see any others while surfing I will post about them here.

Thank you.

(Temporaryuadd) #679

This is certainly a very hard support site to simply report an issue.

Issue is that some sites (not sure which ones yet) are managing to disable and eliminate uBlock and remove it from the bar. Checking uBlock add-on shows it is enabled. Disabling and re-enabling does nothing. Complete reboot was required.
Using 57.0.2(64 Bit)


it seems that since the FF update to 57.0.3 (64) a link combined picture cannot be be blocked any more?
Here: https://www.mql5.com/en/forum
one can find an image right below the blue menu line.
If I place there the mouse and click the right mouse button I see in the FF-menu the entry Block Element (in German: Element blockieren) but after I click on that entry nothing happens. :frowning:

“Last year” appeared something which allowed me to block that image - now nothing happens.
PS: It seems to have been another problem, after reloading this page the image disappeared and it was already blocked. It could be that this was due to my following action: I disabled for a short time uBlock to check why FF has had such a constantly high cpu-load (dispite I didn’t do anything and none of the tabs were in foreground) and re-enabled it again.
Anyway a successful 2018 to everybody!

(Raymond Hill) #681

Yes, the element picker won’t work in such case. The menu entry shouldn’t really be there in that case, that is something to fix.

(alxthaman) #682


I’m using uBO v1.14.23b11 on Firefox x64 v57.0.6

I’ve been trying to convert my cosmetic filters to the recently introduced HTML filters (which as I understand use the same exact syntax with an added character ^) but they don’t seem to work on all websites.

They work fine on google and reddit for example, but none of my converted filters work on Twitch or Youtube.

www.google.fr##^center > input:nth-of-type(2)
Removes the “I’m feeling lucky” button

Removes the footer at the bottom of the page

Removes the “Weclome to Reddit” banner at the top of the page

Supposed to remove the Log In/Sign up buttons at the top right corner on https://www.twitch.tv/directory

Supposed to remove the left panel on https://www.twitch.tv/directory

www.youtube.com##^#subscribe-button > .style-destructive.ytd-shelf-renderer.style-scope
Supposed to remove all the Suscribe buttons on https://www.youtube.com/

(Raymond Hill) #683

As explained in the release notes, HTML filtering works on the source data, before the browser parses it. You can only remove elements which are found in the source data. After the browser parse the source data, it might modify the DOM dynamically, and of course these modifications are out of reach of HTML filtering, you will need cosmetic filtering. Use view-source: for HTML filtering, not the DOM inspector.

(BevHoward) #684

fwiw, Steve Gibson’s podcast “Security Now” from this Tuesday had a related segment re the ongoing ad block battle.

The following link starts the podcast at the beginning of that segment;


Beverly Howard

(Pagise) #685

I want to have access to subpages/documents, but not the root of a website. For example Youtube. So I know I can do this: ||youtube.com^|$document
However, I then instead have a page with option to disable that temporarily or indefinitely. I don’t want to have those options. How do I do that? (Google didn’t help me out unfortunately)

(Raymond Hill) #686

That page is to inform that the whole document was blocked. Having a blank page or a “connection error” page with no further information about why the whole document was blocked would be anti-user.

(Pagise) #687

I understand, but it would be nice if there was a setting where something like that could be turned off/on. (Off by default, but if the user wants it to be on… then it’s up to the user’s responsibility)… Or have another button that would give the option (besides the two other buttons to undo the block temporarily or definitely.)

(Zlotowinfo) #688

i’dlike block from text to text to block it

i wish to block promoted items, how to do it?

div id changing all time

but on this identifer also normal items if no promoted


(Moitreker) #689

Hi Raymond! Thank you very much for the extension of uBlock!
Prompt please, there was a situation when it is necessary to completely remove the extension of the uBlock (I’ll install it again later!)! Where there are still traces after removal?

(Dan Burden) #690

Has anyone experienced this before?
I have not been able to see the uBO popup panel since upgrading to Firefox Quantum but everything still seems to be working with the extension.

  • Current versions:
    FF 58.0.2
    uBO v1.15.6
    (has affected every version since upgrading to FF Quantum 57+).

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling uBO add-on with no success. I can still access the preferences from the add-ons tab and logger-ui.html if I manually enter the URI, so it does appear that the extension is doing everything it should.
Any suggestions what I can do to see the popup panel again?

(Raymond Hill) #691

This resembles the issue reported here. Do you have apz.allow_zooming set to true in about:config?

(Dan Burden) #692

You are exactly correct, thank you very much! I clearly hadn’t tried to use other add-ons’ “doorhangers” as I would have relaised it was not specific to uBO (much searching hadn’t yielded anything relevant hence why I jumped in here).
Many thanks for your helpful response and the work you do with uBlock Origin, it is much appreciated.

(Benji Hobson) #693

I use uBlock Origin v1.15.10 on Firefox ESR 52.6.0 (32-bit).

The filter lists do not update automatically any more. I also cannot successfully update them manually. I deactivated all other add-ons to check whether they might interfere in any way. However, even with all other add-ons being deactivated it is not possible to update the filter lists.

Thanks for your help with this.

EDIT: No filter update problems with uBlock Origin v1.13.8 . Why?

(Anonamoth) #694

Please help, is there some way I can simplify the filter list here so that 1 line will include all numbers in the list?


My attempted solutions:

None of them worked. I’m confused.

(practik) #695


You could try putting the asterisk inside parentheses:

Or this might be better yet:

(Major Mike) #696

@gorhill This may sound like a really dumb question, and if it is be kind Raymond. But I was wondering how to achieve a particular use-case with RULES and if it can only be done with FILTERS or an entirely different way that I haven’t considered (suggestion welcome).

Say you have siteA.tld and you want it to be able to access itself (aka first-party) just fine but you want to prevent any other site on the web (aka third-party) from accessing it. So if you are on siteB.tld or siteN.tld then any link to siteA.tld is blocked.

I have tried several variations of the rule and some just get stripped suggesting bad syntax but others are accepted but they don’t produce the result that I am looking for and any help figuring this out would be appreciated.

I have tried:

  • siteA.tld * 3p block
    (which I thought was the correct approach)
  • siteA.tld 3p * block
    (just feels wrong and didn’t work anyway)
  • * siteA.tld 3p block
    (I know, at this point I am just taking shots in the dark)

and none of them have produced any result that I am looking for, despite not being stripped for syntax. Thoughts?

Please advise.

(Raymond Hill) #697

Looks like what you want is:

* siteA.tld * block
siteA.tld siteA.tld * noop

From the popup panel’s point of view, this looks like the second picture in this page (i.e. facebook.com): a global block rule and a local noop rule for siteA.tld.