[Support] uMatrix


Since updating to the webextension version, the matrix won’t remember the collapsed state of the cells (when collapsed with the arrow in the “all” cell). Now I have to keep clicking on that arrow on every new tab to hide subdomains from the list of connections. Is this a known issue affecting all users?

uMatrix 1.1.0
Firefox 56.0 (64-bit)
Windows 10

(gwarser) #134

Do you have cookies turned off?


I (Win7-64, FF 56.0.1) realize a strange problem with www.gmx.at:

  • If uMatrix is activated and ‘within uMatrix’ everything is allowed, and nothing is blocked on that site I can’t login (=> “Your browser ist outdated, you have only limite access…”)

  • But as soon as I deactivate uMatrix have full access

Maybe you can fix that?


Not turned off but set to be deleted unless whitelisted. Thanks for the heads-up. I had to whitelist the uMatrix address (https://www.ghacks.net/2017/10/10/how-to-deal-with-firefox-extensions-that-require-cookies/).


I confirm this issue occurs, but in in private browsing only,
that is, whenever I click the arrow in the “all” cell in a normal tab,
then the collapsed state is remembered across all other opened normal tabs.
But if I open a private window now, then the previous collapsed state is not remembered.
And if I click the arrow now, then it’s remembered across all private tabs.

And, the collapsed state not being applied, is also for the arrow that’s over the separator for the ‘blacklisted hostnames’ cells to the bottom of the matrix.

uMatrix 1.1.0
Firefox 56.0.1 x64
Windows 10

(Pulusha) #139

Since updating to version 1.1.0, I’ve noticed certain sites won’t load completely (examples: www.origin.com | www.virustotal.com) even after allowing the necessary domains and reloading the page.

The workaround that I’ve found is to clear all of Firefox’s history/data, after allowing the required domains in uMatrix, and then reload the page for it to display.

I have all domains blocked by default, by the way.

uMatrix 1.1.0
Firefox 56 (x64)
Windows 10 (x64)

(Symbai) #140

Is it possible to block outgoing traffic from other extensions?

I randomly discovered an extension uses google analytics and send the full url you are visiting to their (and google servers). So if I block all google stuff in uMatrix, would it also block the google analytics the developer has put into his extension as well?

(Barryht) #141

did a refresh on FF . when I went to reinstall umatrix ADD-ons website said the listed version wasnt compatible with my current version of FF. Running FireFox ESR 52.4.o (32 bit)

(mora) #142

Cloud Sync doesn’t work across browser instances, I have to sync painfully via dropbox across 4 comps I use.

(gwarser) #143

Firefox? There may be issues if you sync between Firefox 52 and 56, between legacy and webextension and sometimes sync may lock-up when storage quota has been hit.

(mora) #144

between same Firefox versions & Chrome versions.
Maybe there is some rule blocking itself from sync’ing ?

(gwarser) #145

For me, synchronization between Firefox 58 and 57 looks like this:

  • login to sync in browser 58
  • enable cloud sync in UBO
  • push settings in UBO dashboard
  • force synchronization
  • login to sync in browser 57
  • force synchronization in 57
  • UBO will be installed
  • sync data will not be available in UBO in browser 57
  • enable cloud sync in UBO in 57
  • still no sync data in 57
  • force synchronization again in 57
  • UBO sync data is now visible in 57

(gwarser) #147


  • The padlock will be visible if and only if there is at least one temporary rule in the pane
  • This is really the optimal way to use dynamic filtering, as using this feature is often a matter of trial and error
  • This prevents ruleset pollution: your ruleset will be only those rules which you will have explicitly persisted
  • If you Ctrl-click to set/unset a rule, it will be immediately persisted (command ⌘-click on Mac)
    Just realized, my link is pointing to UBO wiki. Luckily most of this is relevant, only Ctrl-click seems to not work.

(Joha) #148

Iam a little lost here. Incidentally I wanted to make an issue for umatrix, but because issues are closed on github its not possible. It also looks like, feature requests are not wanted because the developer does not have them time and seems to be very frustrated about the issue stuff. So, thats why there is only this single thread left to discuss the addon features and bugs?

I wonder if there is no better approach, the github repository does not need to be maintained by a single person. It is possible to set up group repositories, so others could take care for the issue stuff. Furthermore, feature requests where never be just something like “hey developer, please do x and y” but more like “would be good if the addon would have this feature”. And that could be implemented by the developer, but also by any other person because that is the essence of open source! When I want to contribute to any FOSS project, I first check the available issue tracker.

I very much understand, that there is the need to organize and categorize issues and to close wrong support problems. And that it is to much for a developer who does not have the time anymore to care for. But instead of shutting down the whole thing, maybe we can find a better solution, like moving the repo to a group control?

(James Edward Lewis II) #149

The AMO page doesn’t explicitly say that the latest uMatrix will work in Firefox 57, but will it, or will the pure WebExtension version be pushed out around when Firefox 57 goes stable?

(gwarser) #150

1.1.0 is now pure webext https://github.com/gorhill/uMatrix/releases

(Yoooman) #151

Bug report : Installed clean (profile and all) firefox 56.0.2 with only umatrix 1.1.0 and the UI has some issues like shown in the picture

Also theres a issue with scrolling when hovering on the list , it will reset and keep scrolling to top unable to configure using the UI on firefox 55.0.3 with 1.1.0

I know the 1.1.0 is listed for 56+ but the lagacy 1.0.0 has some issues when using the logger , could a hybrid webextension or the 1.1.0 version be optimized an also used by firefox 55 and above with the loggers bugs fixed ?

(Joha) #152

it looks like the issues has been reopened in github, thats great. But still, I might not open a feature request because of the contributing guidelines :slight_smile: As I said before, I propose not to reject feature requests, but to make clear that there is no time to take care of by the developer.

Furthermore, to increase attention for the issue guidelines, you can put them directly in the issue form field like show here: https://github.com/nextcloud/server/issues/new
But I think its much better to keep them very short and expressive, not like in the nextcloud example.

(Raymond Hill) #154

Umatrix has no interface in pop ups.

Use the logger in such case, the popup panel can be brought up from the logger. When you click on the second cell of any row, it will bring up the popup panel for the tab associated with the row.


Okay I figured out how to get the interface to appear (why I deleted my post) but the site still isn’t working. It’s the deviantart download button. Is this a good place to ask about how to get particular sites to work?