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This is the new support and feedback thread for uMatrix.


uMatrix - Help - How to Whitelist?
This is a review I posted
Enable all from specific websites

It is possible to not block youtube scripts globaly? Because when I come across a YouTube video on a random website, it resets my country and autoplay on youtube.com.


Is there a way to have umatrix always allow specific urls such as all instances of “ytimg.com”? Every time a website wants to load a youtube video whether it be Example 1 or Example 2 I have to open umatrix, enable the scripts and frames from youtube.com and ytimg.com every time. Is there a way to always have websites of my choosing to always be enables, such as always allowing every instance of youtube,com no matter which website I am on?


Is there a way to have uMatrix enable all instances of youtube.com no matter which website uses it? I am trying to avoid having to reenable youtube.com every time a website wants to load an embeded youtube video.


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(Raymond Hill) #6

Is there a way to have uMatrix enable all instances of youtube.com no matter which website uses it?


The trick is to create rules in the global scope, so that these rules apply everywhere.

You can select the current scope for which rules will be applied with the top-left cell: click on it, a drop list will appear from which the scope can be selected.

For example, I went to your first example site, selected the global scope (identified with “*”), then created the rules to make the embedded Youtube video work:

What is left to do is save the rules (using the padlock), and a good habit is to select back the local scope to be sure you do not end up mistakenly creating rules in the global scope.

The rules can also be added manually (this is the rules created using the UI above) in the My rules pane in the dashboard:

* youtube.com * allow
* youtube.com frame allow
* ytimg.com * allow
* googlevideo.com * allow

Then click Commit to make them permanent. The first item in a rule is the origin, i.e. where the rule should apply. * = everywhere, aka global scope.

(Edit: added missing rule for googlevideo.com: you will need to select it in the UI or add it manually – embedded Youtube videos won’t work without it.)

(Droyk) #7

You are about to read some bad English. and I am really sorry about it. I am not a native English speaker.

Hey @gorhill First of all I want to thank you for making two good extensions 1st is ublock & 2nd is umatrix
and now I want you to give me some helpful answers

So @gorhill 1st question is I am already an advanced user of ublock… but now I want to be an experienced user in umatrix why you guys didn’t made a wiki like you guys did in ublock case?

2nd I don’t want to use any other ad blockers can I do that if I am using umatrix and remove every ad blocker will I see any ads at all?

3rd If I really have 2 have another ad blocker for ad blocking for e.g. ublock+umatrix how much memories these 2 extensions are going to capture and after using umatrix for 1 day straight I have to say that my page’s load slow sometimes I don’t know why though …they shouldn’t be right :(…and plz tell me how much cpu power they will take too?

4th why you guys didn’t add element picker in umatrix …like you did in ublock

5th after using umatrix for the whole day …I have to say that it breaks the pages a lot …so if a user need’s to fix that user have to turn the script button green this thing fixes almost 70% of pages and now for the remaining 30% of the pages that breaks after enabling the script option I have to enable XHR,OTHER , and sometimes iframe too…by doing this I have to say that it’s a tedious task I browse 100 to 200 websites a day…and by enabling and testing these options almost takes some seconds too some minutes now multiply whole testing thing by number of websites I visit everyday
so the answer would be it takes away too much time. even if I use the lock option to save my setting’s there is no guarantee that I am going to see the site again … Every day I browse 50 to 60 new sites for some of college project’s…So in conclusion is there is any way to make script, XHR and other a default enables on every website Plz tell me there is a way to do that

6th So I wanted to replace my ublock to umatrix but there aren’t many host’s in the umatrix so what I did is add custom url’s from ublock to umatrix
The below written hosts I added into the umatrix… plz tell me I did the correct thing and if there are any missing host that I didn’t add plz tell me


(Caoilte) #10

Hi @gorhill,
Love the extension. Was just wondering why it seems like I get *.cloudfront.net as a whitelist to work. It’s a particular problem on aws.amazon.com where you could end up with a different cloudfront every time you log in. I have to separately add every sub-domain. Is it because cloudfront is HTTPS or does it get special treatment because it’s a CDN?

(Raymond Hill) #11

cloudfront.net is a public suffix as per the official Public Suffix List – meaning it can not be treated as a base domain.

uMatrix will not list anything below a base domain in its popup panel – because it does not want users to unduly whitelist a broad section of the web.

However, if you want to whitelist something above base domain, you can enter the rule manually in the My rules pane. Using cloudfront.net as an example:

* cloudfront.net * allow

This will allow network requests of any type to cloudfront.net from anywhere.

Note that people often think cloudfront.net domains are random: they are not, they are just random-looking.

Related GitHub issue: https://github.com/gorhill/uMatrix/issues/54.

(Dag Odenhall) #12

Hi, can I allow first-party requests to the current domain but block requests to subdomains? For example, I visit example.com and I can see the image example.com/photo.jpg but the script metrics.example.com/tracker.js is blocked? I want this as a global rule, not just for example.com, but I can’t figure out how to express that in terms of rules, if it is in deed possible. Cheers.

(Raymond Hill) #13

Not without creating specific rules for subdomains.

(Alison F.) #14

Dear Gorhill! I’m in the process of learning uMatrix and I find it an extremely useful tool. Thank you for your contributions.
I wondered, can uMatrix totally replace the functionality of NoScript? If yes, what exact settings should I use? It would be a pleasure to switch fully to uMatrix.

All the best – A.

(Olaf Dietsche) #15

In the dashboard there’s a tab “My rules” with a section “Permanent rules”

* * * block

    • css allow
    • frame block
    • image allow

I am curious about * * frame block. Isn’t this already covered by * * * block?

(Raymond Hill) #16

The idea is that one may want to allow the “all” cell – to quickly unbreak a site), but still keep blocking frames.


I have not had any success finding an explanation of the red & green triangles that appear in the top left corner of some of the rows. Could you please explain them? Thanks.
Otherwise: this is a very useful extension for Chrome! Thank you for writing it.

(Raymond Hill) #18

The matrix cells.


Hi @gorhill
Thank you for a superb addon!
I like it so much I was wondering if it could be added to the new Safari extensions?
All the regular blockers and more are available, but I’d much rather use µMatrix!


Is there a way to collapse subdomains automatically, like on uBlock Origin?

(Raymond Hill) #25

There is a collapse button in the all cell, it will expand/collapse the subdomains for all the domains.

(Jan) #26

Does regex work with rules ?