Syncing Snooze Tabs? More than one computer?

Sometimes I work in the office. Sometimes I work at home. I might even work in the library or somewhere else.

Respectively, on a desktop, another desktop, a laptop.

I use Sync between these three computers.

So some thoughts:

  • I may want a tab that I snoozed at home to show up wherever I’m working tomorrow, or next month. I don’t know where I’ll be at that time.
  • Of course, Firefox could know which machine I’m actually on, having most recently used my browser on one of those machines.
  • When I snooze a tab, it would be good to have the option to say this computer only or whatever computer I happen to be using.

Right now I use a lot, and send myself links to things that I want to revisit. Snooze tabs is even better. The thing is I check my email on all of my computers, wherever I am. So that solution works for me. But if Snooze Tabs is going to pop something up on my home computer when I happen to be in the office, it won’t work for me as well.

Some things to think about.


Thanks for the input! Snooze Tabs is pretty ignorant of Sync right now in its prototype form - we don’t really have access to those capabilities as a WebExtension. But could be interesting to change that situation

What about storage.sync ? This should allow to synchronize snoozed tabs across all devices.